Will Shepard
My Alpine Education, Part 3: Gearing Up.
skiing, nordic, cross-country, Salomon
Mike England
Upgrade your skis—and your skiing—with this high-performance package. Read more >>
David Tucker
Shrinking our waistline, one ski at a time.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Cross-Country Skiing, Mountainworks Software
Chris McCarthy
The latest from Mountainworks Software.
Mike England
Whether it's a daily workout, an upcoming race, or just an occasional foray into the winter woods, good ski gear makes all the difference. Read more >>
Review: Pieps Micro
Mike England
If you’re due—or overdue—to upgrade your transceiver, check out the PIEPS Micro, a compact, easy-t Read more >>
Review: Smith Quantum
David Tucker
Two seasons ago, when skiing through some trees, I cracked my helmet colliding with an overhanging branch. I wasn’t going that fast, and its flimsiness was disconcerting. Read more >>
Cross-Country Touring, Backcounty Skiing, Bozeman, Montana
Mike England
Kick, glide, and drop a knee with this burly backcountry setup.  Read more >>
 Black Diamond Traverse
Mike England
They had a good run, those old Life-Link backcountry poles I picked up from the Huffine shop back in 2001. Read more >>
Montana Backcountry Skiing, Ski Touring Montana
Tucker, David
Gear for the backcountry.
Mike England
Waxing for optimal glide can be difficult all year long, but especially in the spring, when the temperatures swing wildly from one week—heck, even one day—to the next. Read more >>
Ski Sock, Merino Wool, Padded Ski Sock
Will Shepard
Not often do you stumble across socks that can be worn six times without producing a stench to kill a small child. Read more >>
Salomon QST 92, skis
David Tucker
Salomon’s QST 92 skis feel anything but skinny, than Read more >>
Salomon T STH2 WTR 13, ski bindings
David Tucker
Salomon’s T STH2 WTR 13 binding has a low profile that keeps you close to the snow, ensuring more effi Read more >>
Scarpa Maestrale XT
David Tucker
If your plans include charging hard in the backcountry, get a pair of Maestrale XTs from Scarpa. Read more >>
ski googles, Smith,
David Tucker
Smith’s new 4D MAG goggles are a step forward for on-slope vision. Read more >>
Alpacas of Montana, Big Sky Mountain Products, Schnee's, Mystery Ranch, Sauce
the editors
Winter gear & apparel from the Gallatin Valley. Read more >>
Review: G3 Via Ski Poles
David Tucker
A day-to-day workhorse, in bounds or in the backcountry.  Read more >>
Review: MSR Dynalock Explore
David Tucker
MSR has branched out into the pole market and their Dynalock Explore model is a burly three-piece number with winte Read more >>
Review: Scarpa Maestrale RS
David Tucker
If you’re looking to upgrade your ski-touring boot, look no further than the Maestrale RS from Scarpa. Read more >>
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