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Women's biking apparel. For me, warm weather and nice days mean only one thing: time to get out on the bike and hit up our area trails. While it's possible to ride and have fun in any old athletic shorts and a tanktop, gear can make a difference,  and the right kit can vastly improve your experience. Here are some women’s-specific products that...
Montana Backpacking, Thermarest EvoLite
Let’s get one thing straight: sleeping on the ground sucks. But it sucks by degrees. There’s the four-inch-car-camping-mattress kind of sleeping on the ground, which doesn’t suck that much, and there’s the got-caught-outside-and-had-to-spend-the-night kind, which sucks a lot. Somewhere closer to the former, there’s backpacking, and sleeping with...
Ask about twelve-hour workdays stacked up, sometimes in blistering hot or numbingly frigid weather, continuous fatigue, or aches in the body, and Terry Johnson will still insist he has the best job in the world. If you’ve ridden or hiked the new Bangtail Divide Trail that travels 23 miles from the Brackett Creek parking lot south to Stone Creek in...



Jun 20th, Jun 27th
Location: Bozeman Bike Kitchen, 2104 Industrial Dr. Time: 6-7pm Cost: FREE Details: Join Bozeman Bike Kitchen for a one-hour clinic every Monday. Each session features a different topic, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for weekly updates.
Jun 20th, Jun 27th
Location: Bozeman Public Library Time: 6pm Cost: FREE Details: Ladies, if you need a place to ride, the Bozeman Pedal Project has you covered. They're going out every Monday night for 20-25 miles. Details here.  
Jun 20th, Jun 27th
Location: Bangtail Bikes, Bozeman Time: 6pm Cost: FREE Details: A longstanding Bozeman tradition, the Bangtail road rides are usually 20-30 miles and provide a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere for folks looking to get out. Details here.


The hype behind climbing lingo. Like all outdoor sports, climbing has its own jargon, and the terminology can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever been around a climber or hung out at Spire, you know what I’m talking about. In a given exchange, enough superfluous vocabulary is thrown around that a non-climber might comprehend half, at most. If you’re...
Ridge Run training with Swiss Fit Montana. This year, I wanted to incorporate some new training strategies to meet my goals of improving my time and getting stronger, so as not to break down physically after my third consecutive Ridge Run. To achieve these goals, I started working out with Will Caton at Swiss Fit Montana. During my first session,...
Tracking our miles for area trails. When I first heard about the Gallatin Valley Land Trust's Trail Challenge, I thought it'd be just that—a challenge. Twenty-thousand miles sounded like a whole lot, and I wasn't sure the people of Bozeman had it in them. But after the first ten days, it looks like we're getting after it at a pretty solid pace....

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