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kayaking, open boating, whitewater
Springtime’s free (indoor) outdoor-recreation opportunity for MSU students. Does launching yourself down a thundering river in a tight tube of plastic, guided only by your courage and a double-bladed paddle, strike your fancy? If so, the Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center has the perfect activity for you. Every spring and fall, the ASMSU Outdoor...
canoe, fly fishing, Gallatin River
An ode to being broke and fishing anyway. Our green Coleman canoe gets some strange looks at the Gallatin put-in. There’s snow in the forecast for the afternoon but for now the sun is out and warms up my waders that hang from the rear-view mirror. We pull the canoe off a cutbank into a small eddy. “If we tip over here, we just swim back to the car...
Spring Corn, Backcountry Skiing, Bozeman, Monrtana
For sweet spring corn. Spring is one of my favorite times to ski. The days are warmer and longer, and if you hit it right, backcountry "corn" can seem like 2,000-foot groomers, without the cost or the crowds. However, to taste the fruits your timing needs to be impeccable.Spring cycles of warm days and cold nights turn the snow surface into big...



Mar 31st
Location: Dee-O-Gee, 19th & Oak Time: 6pm Cost: $150 for four sessions. Details: Are you a new puppy owner looking to socialize your pooch and get him trained up? Let the pros from Know Thy Dog give your pup a crash-course in nutrition, socialization, commands, and greetings. More details here.  
Mar 31st
Location: Bozeman Running Company Time: 6pm Cost: FREE, with Run Bozeman membership dues. Details: Interested in training for your first 5k? Been out of the sport for awhile? Get back into shape with this 10-week training program. More details here.  
Mar 31st
Location: MSU Time:6:30-8pm Cost: $49 for two sesssions. Details: Think you can give Thoreau a run for his money? Take this hands-on nature journaling course with Montana Outdoor Science School. Participants will be led through a series of investigations and guided sketching techniques in an outdoor environment. No prior experience necessary....


Redefining exploration. A few weeks ago, I read a quote: “Before it was your favorite place, it was a place you’d never been.” I paused to reflect. I’ve committed much of my life to outdoor pursuits. Over the last decade I’ve rock-climbed, fly-fished, and trekked on six continents, lived out of my car for years, spent four summers on the polar ice...
Celebrating the single plank. It’s tough being a snowboarder at Bridger Bowl. We have to hop over flat spots, keep speed on traverses, and it seems like we’re always stuck riding with a group of skiers. No matter how hard it is to thrive with two feet attached to a single plank, we prevail in the name of standing sideways, and one thing's for sure...
Identifying birds at a glance. To say that spring is in the air might be premature, but on the other hand, it’s never felt quite like winter this year anyway. And while it’s only the first week of March, a recent hike in the Bridgers felt more like late April, and the constant chirping of birds confirmed that I wasn’t the only forest visitor...

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