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Fall bike gear. While fall is hunting season for many of us here in Montana, it's also arguably the best season to be out on a bike. Whether you're checking the last bucket-list rides off your summer list, or back on your commuter to and from campus, the cool days are better spent on two wheels. Here's some gear to keep the season rolling....
Bozeman Splitboarding, Spark R&D, Splitboard training
Aerobic training for splitboarders. Did you find that your fitness level held back your splitboarding last season? Maybe another lap or two sounded fun, but your body was telling you that your day was over?  If so, you’re not alone—splitboard touring and riding is hard work. If you want to make more laps and get more vert this winter, you should...
A high-alpine misadventure. Like the fabled mountain man Jim Bridger once quipped, “I can’t ever remember being lost, but I do recall being considerably confused for a few days.” I can attest to not knowing exactly where I have been on a number of occasions, but the only time I really felt lost was several years ago on a day hike in the Beartooths...



Sep 25th
Location: Big Sky Resort Time: 9am - 4pm Cost: $38 for bike haul; scenic lift prices vary. Details here. Details: Don't miss your last chance to ride Big Sky's new trails, take a scenic Tram to the peak, or fly through the air on the zipline. More details here.  
Sep 18th, Sep 25th
Location: Paws & People, 1025 Story Mill Rd. Time: 8am Cost: $5 Details: New hunting dog? Or maybe a feature trail-running partner? Bring 'em to Paws & People for weekly socialization. Details here.    
Sep 21st, Sep 26th
Location: 47855 Gallatin Rd. Time: 9am - 4pm Cost: FREE Details: Want to protect local waterways and spend quality time on the beautiful Gallatin River? The Gallatin River Task Force needs help monitoring fine sediment in local rivers and streams. To attend or express interest in pebble counts, email [email protected]  


Debriefing the Ridge Run. It’s been over a month since I completed my third Bridger Ridge Run. As you can probably surmise from my not-so-quick final blog, I didn't reach my goal. I could roll out with a bunch of excuses, but, after a thorough self-evaluation, I know the reason why I failed. Here’s a quick rundown of my mistakes: Putting it all...
Biking after dark. Riding at night seldom begins in the dark. The ride starts in the evening, but as the days get shorter, it concludes after nightfall. Sometimes, shit happens, and two flat tires and a broken chain later you're picking your way back to the car by the light of the crescent moon and the toy of a headlamp that was only intended for...
All about the prairie falcon. Often, it is the charismatic and spectacular that draws people to nature. When wildlife is depicted onscreen for example, we’ll usually see images of large mammals and skillful predators; bears, wolves, lions, bison, elk, all doing their thing amidst some gorgeous and wild landscape. Birding is no different, with...

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