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Tools for Grassroots Activists
While it might seem that a major corporation has no business writing a manual for grassroots environmental activists, Patagonia has done just that. The brand has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship within the outdoor industry for decades, and for 20 years, they’ve hosted the semi-annual Tools Conference, which pairs activism experts...
FuelBelt, Helium 2-Bottle Custom Fit
Staying hydrated on the trail isn't easy, especially in drier ranges like the Bridgers. And since I've been training for some longer distance runs this summer, I've needed to carry water. Now, a pack is fine for a few miles, but when I'm out for two or more hours, I need something lightweight, so I got a Helium Custom Fit 2-Bottle belt from...
Hiker, Dog, Sacajewea, Trail
Summer tips for dog-owners. Pretty much nothing beats going on an adventure with your four-legged friend, but it’s important to be responsible when taking your pup along. When the weather gets hot, it becomes even more important to properly care for your furry friend. He relies on you for his safety and comfort while adventuring. Here are a few...



Aug 01st, Aug 08th, Aug 15th, Aug 22nd, Aug 29th
Location: Bozeman Bike Kitchen, 2104 Industrial Dr. Time: 6-7pm Cost: FREE Details: Join Bozeman Bike Kitchen for a one-hour clinic every Monday. Each session features a different topic, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for weekly updates.
Aug 01st, Aug 08th, Aug 15th, Aug 20th, Aug 29th
Location: Bozeman Public Library Time: 6pm Cost: FREE Details: Ladies, if you need a place to ride, the Bozeman Pedal Project has you covered. They're going out every Monday night for 20-25 miles. Details here.  
Aug 01st, Aug 08th, Aug 15th, Aug 22nd, Aug 29th
Location: Bangtail Bikes, Bozeman Time: 6pm Cost: FREE Details: A longstanding Bozeman tradition, the Bangtail road rides are usually 20-30 miles and provide a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere for folks looking to get out. Details here.  


Lessons from the Jim Bridger Run. At the end of June, I raced in the Jim Bridger Trail Run. This was my second year in a row and a great test to see how my new Ridge Run training program with Swiss Fit Montana was working out. The run starts at the Sypes trailhead, runs across private land and up the Middle Cottonwood trail, and then back to Sypes...
Basic equine safety. One of the prettiest ways to see Montana is from the back of a horse – there's time to take in the views, stop and relax, and cover lots of ground without loud motors. With summer trail-riding upon us, and hunting season coming up, it’s extremely important to put safety first. Now, full disclosure: I'm not a trainer or expert...
An unorthodox excursion at Ousel. On Friday night, I sat at a friend's house sipping drinks when a longtime buddy walked in. I hadn’t seen Dylan since winter, and even then it was only for a day. After a few beers and a night’s worth of bullshitting, he outlined a plan to hit Lower Ousel Falls the next morning. My only commitment fell in the...

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