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Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned.Man, fishing is hard. Well, I mean, most fishing is hard. Sticking a worm on a hook and waiting for a bluegill to bite is not particularly challenging under most circumstances, but fishing as a whole is tough, and fly fishing is quite difficult, especially in the...
Review: MSR Hubba Tour
MSR’s Hubba Hubba is a backpacker favorite. But what if you want to go light, fast, and long without sacrificing features?Enter the Hubba Tour, designed for speedy trekking and bikepacking. It’s loaded with features, like the included vestibule for keeping gear dry and safe, but it packs down small and weighs little.The price point is high, but...
One who borrows brews his own trouble. —AMERICAN PROVERB Committing to new outdoor pursuits can be daunting. Learning new skills, making new friends, finding new hotspots, and yes, buying new stuff—it all adds up. And what if you don’t like the activity? That’s a whole bunch of cash you’ll never see again. Which is why it often makes sense to...


Jul 24th
Location: Lindley Park, Bozeman Cost: $150 for four-class course Details: Join Owenhouse cycling for a monthly skills clinic on in-town trails. This beginners program focuses on progression, so even if you're brand new to mountain biking, you'll be riding singletrack in no time. To reserve your spot, send an email to [email protected]  
Jul 24th, Jul 31st
Location: Varies; details here.Cost: FREE Details: Join the Pedal Project for females-only trail rides throughout southwest Montana. Details here.  
Jul 24th, Jul 31st
Location: Varies; details here.Cost: FREE Details: Join the Big Sky Wind Drinkers on weekly fun runs across Bozeman all summer long. Details here. 


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