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Land and Water Conservation Fund
Funding for wildlife and conservation sucked into black hole.  At midnight on September 30, the authorization for one of America’s most important and popular conservation programs expired. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been used over the past 50 years to invest $16 billion into projects that benefit sportsmen, including the...
Fall Booze, Montana
Top fall intoxicants, by activity. From a cold brew after splitting firewood to a whiskey-ditch on the heels of a long hike, autumn and alcohol go hand in hand. Here's a rundown of some good options for wetting your whistle this season, whether it follows leisure or labor. All these inebrients are made in the Rockies and can be found in...
Gallatin Valley
Bozeman's time of transition. Things do not change; we change. —Henry David Thoreau Last November, I shot a thick-shouldered mule deer buck just before the first snow of autumn barreled into the valley. It was a perfect fall day, surrounded by open space and sky with the peaty brown scent of fall mingling with woodsmoke and wool. The air was cool...



Oct 09th
Cost: Find information on license & permitting here.   Details: Archery hunting season ends today for antelope.  Always check current regulations.  Find specific dates and more information at  Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons / Anita Burke
Oct 10th
Cost: Find information on license & permitting here.   Details: General hunting season begins today for antelope.  Always check current regulations.  Find specific dates and more information at    Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons / Anita Burke
Oct 10th
Location: Wild Birds Unlimited of Bozeman, 2047 W Oak #105 Time: 9-10 am Cost: Free Details: Did you know…Robins are here all year long? Stop in to learn more about the common birds in our area and to get your questions answered from Tim Griffith, an avid birder. Space is limited, let us know if you’d like to attend. Call 219-2066 or email...


Running community welcomes another member. When you move to a state as big and as vast as Montana from the small and cozy state of Vermont, things are going to feel a bit overwhelming. The gigantic sky above your head for one thing, not to mention roads that stretch out forever and wild animals on the trail that could potentially eat you for lunch...
An anniversary weekend in Paradise Valley. For the 11th Anniversary, “steel” is the intended gift for one’s beloved. Aside from cookware and yard tools, the only thing I could think of was a train. So, for our 11th wedding anniversary, I set out to secure a family weekend experience involving a train. Four weeks, several emails, and one secret...
The evolution of a competitive family. On September 6, I ran. Well, actually, we ran. Along with two of my younger brothers and my sister, I ran in The Rut at Big Sky. My sister and I ran the 11k, while my two brothers tackled the 50k. As I reflect on the race and the sense of accomplishment we all felt, I realize that my family has changed over...

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