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Hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Hunting huns and chasing time. Okay… gotta be straight from the get-go. I’m not a great wing shot. If the feds ever instituted a No Hunter Left Behind initiative, I’d be their poster child. On most days, I am a B student at best. The fact that I bagged a fair number of birds...
crampons, fishing wading, anti-slip traction
Wading out to my favorite fishing spots has always been a precarious operation, and the swift currents, slippery banks, and mossy rocks of Montana’s rivers have left me upended and soaked more times than I’d like to admit. With that in mind, I was eager to try the FreeSteps6...
Field-dress, hunting, bozeman, montana
As a former wild-game processor, I find that many hunters prepare their entire hunts to the “T” yet fail to think about what happens after the kill. What's worse, the same mistakes and misunderstandings seem to plague most hunters when caring for their game—and that leads to...


Upcoming Events

Oct 31st, Nov 01st, Nov 02nd
Location: Bozeman Fairgrounds Time: October 31:10am - 7pm, Consignment Check-In
November 1: 10am - 6pm, Sales
November 2, 10am - 2pm, Sales
2 - 5pm, Unsold Item Pick-Up Cost: $2 entry fee on Saturday. SF Members get in FREE at 9am on Saturday Details: Bridger Ski Foundation...
Oct 31st
Location: Bozeman Cost: Free Event Details: A safe way to enjoy traditional trick-or-treating in beautiful Downtown Bozeman. Over 150 businesses welcome kids and families with candy and Halloween decorations from 3 pm to 6 pm! Hot drinks will be available outside the Downtown...
Oct 31st
Location: Community Church, West Yellowstone Time: 6-9pm  Cost: Free! Details: Enjoy games, food, prizes, carnival activities, and many costumes. Fun and safe for the whole family. Visit the West Yellowstone Chamber here.    

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Counting hawks at 8,600 feet. From below, the hike seems daunting. There are many routes up, but today we decide on the long traverse that switchbacks from north to south across Bridger Bowl. Hiking-stick in hand and supplies for another day of hawk-watching on our backs, we...
A new ski film to usher in the season. While Bozeman’s unseasonably warm October and lack of snow may have winter enthusiasts pushing their big-mountain daydreams to the backburner (some of the more zealous among us were already making first turns by this time last year), Days...
Fall's eight-legged neighbors. I wander out to my garage at odd hours to stare at her, fascinated and giddily horrified. She’s usually lurking near the center of an enormous web that covers the entire window: the biggest, fattest spider I’ve ever seen. Her grossly bulbous...

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