FAS, fishing
David Tucker
The importance of Fishing Access Sites.  
Yankee Jim Canyon, Yellowstone River, Paddleboard
Mike England
A different angle on a classic summer activity.  Read more >>
Mike England
Every cold-water paddler, at some point, realizes the necessity of a drysuit—whether it's for safety in frigid snowmelt, security on remote river runs, or just consistent, all-day comfort. Read more >>
Raft Rental, Bozeman, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
Like most outdoorsfolk, I'd love to have “the garage-majal” fully stocked with a driftboat, a cat-a-raft, two canoes, a float tube, a personal pontoon, a 16-foot jet boat, and the various accoutrements that accompany each. Read more >>
Paddleboarding Bozeman
the editors
Putting standups to the test.
rafting, boating
Mike Garcia
Bozeman's water-sport scene. So you want to slay the river dragons?Or do you just want a peaceful day on the water? Read more >>
invasive species, NPS, boat
Marya Spoja
Combatting aquatic invasive species.
boating, safety
John Way
Water is a destructive element. Places like Bighorn Canyon, with thousand-foot cliffs carved by water, are a testament to its constant power. Read more >>
Mike England
More options for more action.
Mike England
Gearing up for a new season of whitewater paddleboarding.  Read more >>
Whitewater Safety, Bozeman, Montana Rivers
the editors
Water is always working, reorganizing the land. —Tim Palmer, Endangered Rivers and the Conservation Movement Read more >>
House Rock, Mad Mile, whitewater, Gallatin River, Outside Bozeman
Robert Price
Navigating the Gallatin's grandest rapid. 
Big hole river, access, river acess
Brent Zundel
Montana's most egalitarian law.
Northern Lights Trading Company, The Barn Bozeman
Schroeder, David
An icon moves on.
England, Mike
Gone are the days of melted ice and tepid beer by sundown—a cooler revolution is underway, and the latest enlistee in this high-insulation insurgency is the Coleman Esky Series Cooler. Read more >>
Astral Brewer Review
Kennedy, Kevin
If you’re a recreational or professional waterman looking for a do-it-all shoe for the summer season, look no further than the Astral Brewer. Read more >>
Kavu Sockeye Short, Kavu Sockeye Short Review
Krueger, Ryan
Swimsuit technology has yet to match that of outerwear, running shoes, or even underwear—probably because it doesn’t need to. A good suit must merely be lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable; and the Sockeye Short by Kavu is all of these things. Read more >>
Ennis Lake, Madison Valley
Dehmer, Kurt
Enticing Ennis Lake.
Jefferson River, Paddleboaring Montana, SUP Montana
Greg M. Peters
Two days on the Jefferson River.
Whitewater Kayaking national parks, Yellowstone National Park
Kennedy, Kevin
Paddling bill redux.
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