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Check out these profiles of local gear- and apparel-oriented companies that help build a thriving outdoor community. 

Spark R&D, Splitboarding Montana, Cooke City
Mike Harrelson
Spark R&D celebrates ten years.
Kenetrek Hunting
LaFortune, Emerald
Homegrown businesses flourish.
26 Products, Custom Pedals, Bozeman Biking
Bilverstone, Bill
Bozeman's bike industry entrepreneurs.
Jelt Belt, Bozeman Businesses
Kira Stoops
Jelt Belt keeps Bozemanites from cracking. 
Blue Ribbon nets, fishing net, fishing gear, Montana business
Pogge, Drew
It’s no secret that Montana is Mecca to fly fishermen. Read more >>
Lach, Devon
Even for extreme yokels, buying local can prove a challenge—especially when you’re looking to outfit yourself for the brutal chill of a Montana winter. One local company, Alpacas of Montana, has faced this issue head-on. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
During winter, ski tuning gives me an excuse to grab a pint of Plum Street Porter, head out to the man-cave, and hone my ski edges while dreaming of the perfect waist-deep powder run. I love skiing but also have a wallet tighter than the skin on summer sausage. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Wanna give fly fishing a try without spending hundreds on gear (and potentially finding out it’s not the sport for you)? The folks over at Phasmid Rentals can arrange just about anything for you. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
After 35 years of making packs, longtime Bozeman local Dana Gleason is busy. And his company–Mystery Ranch–shows no signs of slowing down, ramping up production to meet the massive demand and expanding into new fields. Read more >>
England, Mike
If you’ve got a hankering to make your own outdoor clothing, here’s one place to start: Montana Outdoor Fabric on in downtown Bozeman. Hiding inside this little white house across from Willson School are stacks upon stacks of fabric, of every imaginable kind and color. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
“So, everyone else out to lunch?” I naively ask as Andy Tuller, owner of Outa Ware Outdoor Clothing Company, leads me through a tour of his facilities, showing off the industrial sewing machines, miles of fabric, and well-stocked showroom. Read more >>
Vaienti, Lara
"Here," says West Paw Design president Spencer Williams, grabbing a chunk of fuzz from one of the many machines in the company's warehouse east of Bozeman, "this is where the material gets finalized, ready to stuff the beds." He holds the green, hair-like material in his palm. Read more >>
Leigh Ripley
We all know the danger is out there, but the reality of it actually happening is usually far from our thoughts. Fact is, grizzly bears do attack. They attack anyone or anything they feel threatened by. Spend enough time in the backcountry, and one day that threat might be you. Read more >>
Orms, R. Kent
What this morning was a pile of hollow metal tubes is now taking the shape of a bike. After hours of measuring, cutting, fitting, aligning, and cleaning, the most critical and holiest of all bike-building activities, welding, is about to begin. Read more >>
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