With awesome trails, beautiful views, and clean mountain air, Bozeman has an incredibly vibrant running community. Time to tie the laces and move like your body was meant to move.


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Beaudoin, Kate
~43,000,000: total runners in the U.S. 26.1: miles the typical runner logs in one week 85: days per year the typical runner runs 13%: increase in outdoor running participation since last year Read more >>
Need running shoes, gear, advice, or accessories? Check out these running stores around Bozeman.   Read more >>
Dirt road running, spring training, Outside Bozeman
Brayton, Lea
Early-season, dirt-road running.
Slepian, Maggie
Ankle injuries are annoyingly common for trail runners, so keep these tips in mind to ensure your ankles stay injury-free. Read more >>
Sheets, Jenny
Volunteering at local races
Slepian, Maggie
While enjoying the brisk air and snow-covered trails, it’s important to remember that colder temperatures, less daylight, and slick conditions make winter running is a whole different ballgame than your cheerful summer miles. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
As one of the top endurance runners in the world, Bozeman resident Nikki Kimball takes the brutal sport of ultra running to a whole new level. In ultra-running events, runners put themselves through an endurance test over courses spanning 50 miles, 100 miles, or more. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Pull on your climbing shoes, buckle your life jacket, and saddle your horse: Paradise Valley has all the activities you need to satisfy your outdoor-adventure cravings this spring. With so much to do, you won’t even miss the snow. Climbing Read more >>
Cunningham, Terry
Pioneering athletes such as Pat Callis, Alex Lowe, Ed Anacker, and Tom Jungst established Bozeman’s reputation as a premier outdoor-sports community. Read more >>
Keyes, Fletcher
The Bozeman area, renowned for hosting organized events for every sport and ability level, also provides for the true fitness masochist. Enter the Madison Trifecta: a marathon, duathlon, and triathlon, all rolled into one heart-pumping summer season. Read more >>
Dumas, Megan
Congratulations, you’re pregnant! As you begin this experience, a million questions will tumble through your mind. One of those might be, “Can I still run?” Most likely the answer is yes. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Since I’d rather not amass a closet full of shoes, I typically look for a shoe that can perform in a variety of terrain and functions. That's exactly the shoe I got with the Scarpa Blitz Boa. From the treadmill to the trails, the Blitz is a great all-around shoe. Read more >>
Asay, Pat
Despite Bozeman’s extended winter, the lightweight Badrock trail shoe took me to some of my favorite routes; it also let me log a few treadmill and road miles. The shoe is very stable, with good cushioning and excellent traction on just about any surface. Read more >>
Metrick, Dee
A few months ago, my boyfriend got in touch with his fire-loving inner Neanderthal, and together they went out and purchased a wood stove for our house. Read more >>
St. Thomas, Mike
Scott Creel, an ecology professor at MSU, is a masters runner (over 40) who destroys competitors of all ages. The 2003 U.S. Read more >>
Bertoia, Celia
“But I don’t run fast and my butt jiggles. I can’t run with them!” My next-door neighbor shrinks back from the door, hands on her cheeks, eyes big, when I suggest joining the Wind Drinkers club fun run. Read more >>
Ault, Megan
Turning 30 wasn’t difficult for me, but I had reservations about 33. Read more >>
  • Trail

    Mountain biking, trail running, montana mountain sports, outside bozeman
    the editors
    It’s a rivalry that’s been simmering since cavemen first carved stone into wheels: runner vs. roller. Read more >>
    Photo by Jeremy Thurston
    Sheets, Jenny
    Top early-season trails
    Metrick, Dee
    Learning to be a winter bitch in Bozeman. Read more >>
    Need running shoes, gear, advice, or accessories? Check out these running stores around Bozeman.   Read more >>
    Creel, Scott
    Trying to pick the best places to run near Bozeman is a little like trying to decide between ice cream and candy—they're all so good! So when the editors asked me which five I thought were the best, I had some thinking to do. Long or short? Hilly or flat? Read more >>
  • Race

    Photo by Matt Parsons
    Coles, Franklin
    Earning Montana at the Baldy Blitz
    Need running shoes, gear, advice, or accessories? Check out these running stores around Bozeman.   Read more >>
    Bridger Range
    Dr. Lou Walters
    How Outside Bozeman Got Me to Run the Ridge Run “You have to write an essay,” said a local runner. We were talking about registering for the Ridge Run. She had been completely coherent up until this statement. I began to assess her for a stroke. Read more >>
    Tour De Hyalite
    Reuss, Dave
    There are 14 of us lined up at the Grotto Falls trailhead on a cold Saturday morning. The clouds are thick, and you can just about see your breath. There should be that nervous tension that hangs like a cloud around the starting line—but it’s gone. Read more >>
    Photo by Ryan Krueger
    Reuss, Dave
    The last of the sky’s bruised-purple tint has faded to black, and now it’s anywhere from eleven at night to four in the morning. The miles and hours pile on top of each other until it’s impossible to tell what time it is. Read more >>
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