snowmobiling, sledding, snow conflicts
Jimmy Lewis
Snowmobiles surge in the Bozeman backcountry.
beer, illustration, bull and beer
the editors
Debts paid properly.
gloves, winter, skiing, gordini
Ian Roderer
Gloves are like socks: you can never have too many. Read more >>
skiing the great one Bridgers
Simon Peterson
Skiing the Great One.
skiing, Bozeman, backcountry, MSU
the editors
A primer for MSU students new to the Bozone. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Ryan Krueger
How to spice up your next chairlift ride. Read more >>
season pass, season passes, Big Sky, Bridger Bowl
Drew Hulse
Season-pass options explained. 
Kathleen Smith
Looking for one goggle that can do it all? Read more >>
the man behind the maps
Jack Taylor
Unfurl a trail map of your favorite ski area and let your mind wander through the possibilities of an epic ski day. Read more >>
last best ski montana
Corey Hockett
We all know the value of a good guidebook. Read more >>
ski hipster, bro, ski bum
the editors
A guide to outdoor hipsters, part two.
Small-town skiing Outside Bozeman
Cordelia Pryor
Take a road trip to one of Montana’s hidden gems. Read more >>
Maria Anderson
Tips from a seasoned competitor.
snowboard, crash, recovery
Jessica McMurtry
Recovery do's and don'ts.
Saddle Peak, Bridger Mountains,
the editors
If you’re a backcountry traveler, every morning, all winter long, a life-saving tip arrives in your email inbox. You open it, review its contents, take note of its particulars, then delete it. Despite its import, it’s gone as instantly as it arrived. Read more >>
ski jacket, Dakine Gearheart
David Tucker
Storm skiing requires durability, function, and comfort, and Dakine’s Gearheart delivers all three. Read more >>
Swisswool Piz Boval, jacket, coat
Mike England
Is it possible to find a high-quality, environmentally responsible touring coat without breaking the bank? Ortovox says so, and their Read more >>
Salomon QST 92, skis
David Tucker
Salomon’s QST 92 skis feel anything but skinny, than Read more >>
Salomon T STH2 WTR 13, ski bindings
David Tucker
Salomon’s T STH2 WTR 13 binding has a low profile that keeps you close to the snow, ensuring more effi Read more >>
ski safety, injury prevention, skiing accidents
Kelsey Housman
Staying safe on the slopes.
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