Dee Metrick
A few months ago, my boyfriend got in touch with his fire-loving inner Neanderthal, and together they went out and purchased a wood stove for our house. Read more >>
Becky Warren
When patches of snow become harder to find around town and blades of grass begin to appear, many anxious Bozemanites hit the trails. Such eager hikers are often deflated when they reach the trail and find only mud and post-holing conditions. Read more >>
Lisa Reitz
Making the seasonal transition.
St. Thomas, Mike
Scott Creel, an ecology professor at MSU, is a masters runner (over 40) who destroys competitors of all ages. The 2003 U.S. Read more >>
Juliette Vail
Summer is here, and many of us are getting out and enjoying runs on the many trails in our area. Trail running is a fast-growing sport that allows a runner to enjoy nature while being softer on the joints overall. Read more >>
Bertoia, Celia
“But I don’t run fast and my butt jiggles. I can’t run with them!” My next-door neighbor shrinks back from the door, hands on her cheeks, eyes big, when I suggest joining the Wind Drinkers club fun run. Read more >>
Megan Ault Regnerus
Turning 30 wasn’t difficult for me, but I had reservations about 33. Read more >>
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