G3 Ion LT 12
Pogge, Drew
I'm a big fan of KISS (the acronym, not the band.) Keep It Simple, Stupid. And that's exactly what G3's latest tech binding, the ION LT 12, does. Read more >>
Smith I/O
Tucker, David
Seven winters ago, I bought a pair of Smith goggles because they had a slight scratch on the lens and were therefore discounted. Read more >>
Review: G3 Via Ski Poles
David Tucker
A day-to-day workhorse, in bounds or in the backcountry.  Read more >>
Review: MSR Dynalock Explore
David Tucker
MSR has branched out into the pole market and their Dynalock Explore model is a burly three-piece number with winte Read more >>
Review: Scarpa Maestrale RS
David Tucker
If you’re looking to upgrade your ski-touring boot, look no further than the Maestrale RS from Scarpa. Read more >>
Patagonia Powslayer Bibs
Simon Peterson
Patagonia’s PowSlayer bibs are everything you want in a ski pant: burly enough to handle a day of lift-serve pow-slaying, yet nimble enough to keep one comfortable in the backcountry. Read more >>
Review: Patagonia Descensionist Jacket
David Tucker
It’s easy to work up a sweat trudging around the mountains in fresh snow, and that’s why the breathability of Patagonia’s Read more >>
Spring skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Montana
David Tucker
Warmer-weather touring gear. 
Review: Blackout Quick Connect
Drew Pogge
Snowmobiles can make accessing distant ski lines easier, but the logistics are never easy. Sleds get stuck, blow up, and are generally a giant pain in the ass—and that goes for strapping your skis to the machine as well. Read more >>
Ortovox Ascent 30
Drew Pogge
Addressing the two primary drawbacks of avalanche airbags—weight and cost—Ortovox has produced a winner in the Read more >>
Dryguy Force Dry Review
Melissa Doar
Whether warming up your gloves on a brisk winter morning, drying out your running shoes after a day on the trails, or just unthawing your ski boots, the gently heated forced air of the DryGuy Read more >>
Smith Code
David Tucker
For the last ten years, I’ve been using Smith goggles. And in that time, the company has introduced dozens of integrated products, meaning the fit of their helmets matches the fit of their goggles. Read more >>
Farm to Feet Big Cottonwood
David Tucker
You know you’re getting old when you want socks for Christmas. Read more >>
gear, ski goggles, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
I’ve been extremely happy with my Native sunglasses, so I decided to try out their ski goggles. Read more >>
KneeBindings Carbon Review
Chris McCarthy
We take preventative measures for our health every day: we brush our teeth to prevent cavities; we exercise for ­our hearts; we wear our seatbelts in case of a car wreck. Read more >>
Stone Glacier Avail 2200 Pack
England, Mike
These days, versatility is the name of the outdoor-gear game, and Bozeman-based Stone Glacier has nailed it with their new pack, the Avail 2200 Read more >>
Stio Environ Bib
Pogge, Drew
I have a heck of a time with ski pants. Since I put a lot of days in, durability is a huge factor, but since I ski primarily in the backcountry, so are weight, venting, and range of motion. Last year, I went through three pairs (two succumbed to ripped crotches and one to a gash in the thigh). Read more >>
Patagonia Powslayer Bibs, Montana Backcountry Skiing
McCarthy, Chris
When you spend a lot of time outdoors in the elements, protection is key, but functionality is equally important. With that in mind, I went looking for a workhorse ski pant and landed on the PowSlayer Bibs from Patagonia. Read more >>
Winter Gear Reviews
the editors
Gear you didn't find under the tree.
Madshus Hypersonic
Pollastro, Joyce
While learning to skate ski was infinitely more challenging than I’d anticipated, I was lucky enough to have Madshus’s Hypersonic skate skis along for the ride. The Hypersonics have a Triaxial carbon construction, which makes them durable while still being light and flexible. Read more >>
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