McCarthy, Chris
Going from skiing with sunglasses to hitting the slopes with the Julbo Orbiter goggles is akin to switching from Ten High whiskey to Jameson—they’ll both do the job, but Jameson is actually enjoyable. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
If you want to keep up with your little shredder, you’re going to need a good pair of skis. The Flair is a new ski in the women’s line, aimed at advanced to expert skiers. It’s a mid-fat ski with all-mountain potential. Read more >>
Teasdale, Aaron
The Scarpa Wasatch is what telemark boots used to be before everything got huge and plastic and sick, bro. Read more >>
England, Mike
Been searching in vain for a fat ski with great flotation in powder that’s still light enough for touring the backcountry? Strap on a pair of G3 Manhattans and prepare for takeoff. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
If you like to get out into the woods to explore in the winter, the Rossignol BC 90 Positrack is a great ski for you. These wide and stable touring skis eat up the snow both on the trail and off. Read more >>
Ryan Barba
Backcountry telemark touring just got easier. The new G3 Targa Ascent binding combines the renowned Targa T9 platform with a stainless steel, free-pivot toe bar; the result is a freeheel trail-breaking machine. Read more >>
Mike England
Ah, the T1. Amazing how such a simple letter-number combination can evoke so much unbridled lust. Like most developing tele skiers, I’ve always wanted a pair. And now, thanks to the established protocols of gear-review reciprocity, I have them. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
The reincarnation of the original Raichle boot design, the Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro may just be one of the most practical boots on the market, no matter what your skiing style. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
With the exception of a few larger, less personal companies, the custom ski market is modest—and it shows in the lack of customizable options available today. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
One of the most innovative designs to make its way into the market in years, the Rossignol S7 uses a combination of rocker, camber, sidecut, and tip shape to bring us the best of all worlds. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
In one compact design, the Backcountry Bomb allows you to cut cornices quickly and efficiently. Read more >>
England, Mike
Ascension STS Climbing Skins–Black Diamond
Krueger, Ryan
For years I struggled with AT boots that were only good at one thing or another. They climbed well but skied terribly, or vice versa. Finally, I found a boot that bridges the gap. Read more >>
England, Mike
Last year, Scarpa joined the eco-friendly party with their specially designed T2 Eco tele boot. The key distinction is in the shell—it’s built with Pebax Rnew plastic, which is made from castor plant oil rather than petroleum. Read more >>
England, Mike
Skiing steep, rock-laden spring lines demands protection—and for optimal cranial coverage, you’ll want to join the masses and pick up a Smith Variant Brim. Read more >>
England, Mike
Every so often, the stars align, fickle Fortuna deigns to smile upon us, and we somehow score the ski gear of our dreams. Praise the snow gods! After years of fumbling around on skinny sticks, ill-fitting boots, and secondhand skins, I managed to put together the ultimate backcountry tele setup. Read more >>
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