base layer, crew shirt
England, Mike
In the fall, when temperatures swing like a bipolar monkey on meth, a good base layer is paramount. Sherpa Adventure Gear’s Vayu Long-Sleeve Crew fits the bill, breathing during the heat of day and insulating through the cold of dawn and dusk. Read more >>
Review: Ridge Merino Aspect
David Tucker
Finally, a baselayer brand has figured it out: no interior tags on skin-tight clothing. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Prologue Refuge
Chris McCarthy
The Prologue Refuge from Outdoor Research was created with Bozeman in Read more >>
Review: Kavu Inland
Ian Roderer
This winter, when you find yourself reaching for an extra layer, reach for Kavu’s Inland jacket. Read more >>
Review: Kavu Ken Tucky
Ian Roderer
As far as styles go, the Kavu Ken Tucky falls squarely in the rugged category, but combines enough of th Read more >>
Salomon, Bonatti WP
Chris McCarthy
 Salomon’s Bonatti WP isn’t the perfe
Patagonia Nano-Air Lite Hybrid Jacket
Luke Ebeling
If you’re looking for a jacket that does it all, the Patagonia Nano Read more >>
Review: First Lite Uncompahgre Vest
Chris McCarthy
The Uncompahgre insulated vest from First Lite packs down to nothing and keeps your core extremely warm. Read more >>
Review: Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Pants
Chris McCarthy
The first thing to catch my eye when reading about Patagonia’s Read more >>
Orsden Lift Review
Emma Nord
For those who don’t hibernate, Orsden’s Lift jacket is a sle Read more >>
Dakine Snorkel Fleece
David Tucker
With the Snorkel fleece, Dakine b
Toad & Co. Double Bock
Simon Peterson
Resurrected from the Toad & Co.
Duer Performance Jeans
David Tucker
Now that bacon-and-stout season is upon us, I did what every self-respecting 32-year-old does and bought a pair of jeans that fit like sweatpants. Read more >>
gear, pants
Ian Roderer
When I’m out in the mountains, two of the most important things are freedom of movement and staying dry. Mountain Equipment’s Ibex Pant offers both. Read more >>
gear, hunting, pants, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
It’s tough to find a single pair of pants for the entire hunting season: thin enough for those balmy early-October days, but thick enough for late-season snow. But Sitka’s versatile Mountain Pant fits the bill. Read more >>
Gear, jacket, hunting, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
If you’re searching a new hunting-season baselayer, look no further than the Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T. This zippered crew-neck, long-sleeved shirt is ideal for getting you through cold mornings and warm afternoons. Read more >>
gear, jacket, Bozeman
Brian England
Having successfully eschewed the puffy-coat craze since it began, I was hesitant to embrace the Stio Azura XT hoodie. But after a certain O/B editor admonished me—“yes, they are trendy, but goddamn are they warm,”—I gave in. Read more >>
gear, jacket
Simon Peterson
Featuring three-layer Gore-Tex Pro, an alpine fit with articulated and pre-shaped sleeves, pit-zips, plenty of pockets, and a fully adjustable hood, the Mountain Equipment Lhotse does it all in a comfy and efficient way. Read more >>
CoolCore Crush-It Tee
David Tucker
It's the middle of summer in Montana: "hot" doesn't begin to describe what it can feel like on the trails this time of year. Luckily, apparel technology has reached the point where our clothes are actually making us cooler. Sounds gimmicky, but it's true. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman, Pearl Izumi, shirt, shorts
Simon Peterson
The high-performance Elevate Short from Pearl Izumi is light, comfy, and has outstanding flex. The included men’s 1:1 ELITE Pursuit Chamois is a life-changer—as in, say goodbye to swamp crotch. Read more >>
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