winter gear, Outside Bozema, Montana
Slepian, Maggie
When your down jacket takes up more room in your pack than your sleeping bag, you know it’s time for a new coat. But finding a lightweight, compressible jacket that still keeps you warm is a tall order. Read more >>
winter gear, fleece, Outside Bozeman, Montana
England, Mike
During the rigors of a cold Montana winter, comfort can be every bit as important as warmth—our snow-saddled psyches need a little insulation as well. To protect your temperament from Old Man Winter’s icy barbs, slip into a Staghorn Fleece from Arborwear. Read more >>
winter, down jacket, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Morgan Solomon
Winter is upon us and with colder temperatures it’s getting harder and harder to play outside. I was able to buffer the chill with a Mojave Down Jacket from Brooks Range. Read more >>
Solomon, Morgan
As soon as I put on Aventura’s Greenwood Capris, I fell in love. The spandex/polyester blend follows my every movement, forming to whatever body position I put myself in—no more bunched-up material when I squat or bend over. Read more >>
buff, headwear, facemask
Pogge, Drew
Sunburn sucks, no matter the time of year, and long fall days on the river can produce epic burns. Luckily, the Montana UV Buff blocks 95% of UV rays—without being stiflingly hot. Read more >>
England, Mike
When the fishing’s hot and a late-afternoon thundershower crashes the party, a good rainshell can make the difference between placid composure and a full-on freak-out. Read more >>
Hessman, Patrick
Montanans need gear that will keep them dry and warm through foggy morning excursions and sudden afternoon downpours—and the Helly Hansen Loke jacket is ready for Montana’s schizophrenic weather. The Loke is windproof and waterproof, with vents to prevent overheating. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chirs
I have a new fishing partner; I’ll call him Eddie. He doesn’t drink my beer or eat my food. Hell, he doesn’t even try to catch fish, but he does provide protection. Protection from summer heat. Protection from sunburn. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
Whether you ice climb or ski, the Alpine Alibi II will cover your digits in comfort and style. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
You’ll never have to worry about sudden snow flurries while wearing the Salida Hoody from OR. Thanks to the Alpin-wool Plus fabric, you’ll be well protected from finicky Montana weather. Read more >>
England, Mike
Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, and wool is a great example—the original insulator is still the best. Read more >>
Howlett, David
When seeking deep powder on cold and windy outings, having a pair of high-quality ski pants is paramount, and the Mission Cargo Pants from Helly Hansen are among the best out there. Read more >>
Howlett, David
In my overflowing coat closet, one jacket stands out when I head for the ski hill—and no, it’s not because of the vivid color. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Wind, rain, snow, sunshine—weather is a huge determining factor when deciding how to dress for outdoor activities in the winter. If the activity is aerobic in nature, you want an outer layer that’s weather resistant and breathable. Read more >>
England, Mike
Few contemporary jeans resemble their 140-year-old forbears, the legendary work pants designed in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Read more >>
Howlett, David
When you spend as much time around Montana’s rivers, streams, and lakes as I do, it’s pretty damn hard to beat the comfort and convenience of convertible pants. Read more >>
Caselli, Lauren
I’ve gotta be honest: I’m one of those girls who loves the outdoors—but hates looking like a marshmallow while I’m out there getting my hike on. Enter Eddie Bauer’s Mountain Guide Lite Pants. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
Timeless and functional, flannel is a hard fabric to beat. The Feedback Flannel by Outdoor Research is both tough and comfortable. Read more >>
England, Mike
Like that annoying friend who wears different outfits for every outdoor activity, I’m an incorrigible rainshell geek. One for the river, one for hiking, one for fishing, one for trail-running… you get the idea. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
If you’ve ever woken up an hour before your alarm and snoozed contentedly while heaped in warm blankets, then you know what wearing the Stand Hunter 1/2 Zip Top feels like. Read more >>
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