Dehmer, Kurt
I’ve often wondered what it takes to be a truly great hunter. After hunting for a little over 18 years and guiding for five, I feel that at my best I’m still only pretty good. Master status is decades off, if ever. Read more >>
St. Thomas, Mike
Scott Creel, an ecology professor at MSU, is a masters runner (over 40) who destroys competitors of all ages. The 2003 U.S. Read more >>
Becky Edwards
Portrait of a climber.
Greenhill, W. Duke
You awake before the sun, eager and excited to float the crystalline waters of the Five Rivers region in Southwest Montana. You imagine the trout slipping, hiding, and spinning beneath the foam of the Big Hole, the Jefferson, the Beaverhead, the Wise, and the Ruby rivers. Read more >>
England, Mike
We’ve all seen the pictures, in a dentist’s office or outdoor shop or in the living room of a friend’s house. A sleek whitetail buck bounds over a wooden fence in an effortless five-foot-high leap. Read more >>
Bill Curry
For Becky Weed and Dave Tyler, co-owners of Belgrade's Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company, sheep farming was a grand experiment. "From the beginning," says Weed, "part of our whole motivation behind Thirteen Mile was to see if we could make small-scale agriculture work." Read more >>
Ashley Sanford
Andy Tuller got into the clothing gear business out of necessity. The brochure for his Bozeman-based gear company, Outa Ware, reads like a mantra against commercialized adventure clothing. Read more >>
Harris, Jim
I don’t remember when we first met, but it was sometime in the early ‘90s, after Hans graduated from Yale and returned to Bozeman. We first crossed paths at a friend’s house and eventually wound up working the night shift together at Dana Design. Read more >>
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