Beaudoin, Kate
A sprawling mass of letters, newspapers, photos, and scribbled, scrap-paper notes covers Kay Newman’s kitchen table. A thick three-ring binder plops down with a thud. Read more >>
Rogel, Christine
Many mountain bikers don’t realize that for every minute they enjoy on their favorite trails, volunteers spent hours manicuring that piece of hillside into flowy singletrack. Read more >>
Leahy, Mike
Many people in Bozeman live an outside life. Dave Gaillard was one. It was Dave’s passion to take himself and others out to explore the mountains, and it was his life’s work to conserve the wildlife that makes the mountains whole. Read more >>
Melynda Coble
In 1982, Alan Kesselheim moved to Bozeman and began his writing career. He was done with his job as an outdoor education director in Wisconsin and wanted to come West to the state his dad was born and raised in, and the town—Bozeman—where the woman he had fallen in love with lived. Read more >>
Lara Vaienti
Greg Keeler is a sensible and serious poet who also happens to be laugh-out-loud funny,” says Tim Cahill, an author and friend of Keeler’s. According to Dave Quammen, another friend, “Greg has written lunatic masterpieces. He sings pretty good for such a big guy. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
This past October marked the 10th anniversary of Alex Lowe's passing, after a tragic avalanche in the Himalayas in 1999. A Bozeman local, Lowe was known throughout the climbing community and the world for his extraordinary talent, drive, and stamina. Read more >>
Summerfield, David
What are the odds that a 64-year-old chemistry professor would dream up the legendary Bridger Ridge Run? The pieces started to come together when I visited his home to get advice on putting on the run which already bore his name. Read more >>
writing, people, excellence
Mike England
Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. –Ralph Marston Read more >>
Bilverstone, Bill
July 22, 1957 - November 26, 2010
Reuss, Dave
After 35 years of making packs, longtime Bozeman local Dana Gleason is busy. And his company–Mystery Ranch–shows no signs of slowing down, ramping up production to meet the massive demand and expanding into new fields. Read more >>
England, Mike
A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. —Joseph Campbell Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Brittany Wiser’s laughter echoed through the snowy woods of the Bridger Mountains as I lay there with my skis and poles wedged beneath my tangled limbs. The original plan was to do something like ice climbing up Hyalite or maybe going to Spire, but then the plan changed to Bohart Ranch. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
“In life, you only get one chance,” Anker told me, referring to first impressions, experiences in life, and on-sighting routes. Here are a few of Anker's attempts to make the most of it. Read more >>
Keith McCafferty
I met Bud Lilly in the fall of 1976, during a month-long camping trip to Yellowstone Park. I was a graduate student on fishing sabbatical, and when I entered the door of Bud Lilly's Trout Shop it wasn't to buy anything, but simply to pay homage at a Mecca of Western fly-fishing. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
“So, everyone else out to lunch?” I naively ask as Andy Tuller, owner of Outa Ware Outdoor Clothing Company, leads me through a tour of his facilities, showing off the industrial sewing machines, miles of fabric, and well-stocked showroom. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
After one very early morning phone call to cancel our ice-climbing plans (too warm for ice), Conrad Anker and I agreed to meet at a coffee shop and head out to some rock instead. Read more >>
Heather McPhie, Olympics, Bozeman
Madeline Kotowicz
Three local athletes going for gold.
Linda Ballou
Author of eight travel books and over 300 articles, Tim Cahill has earned his reputation as America’s best-loved adventure journalist. He has held us captive with dangerous exploits and made us laugh with his sly, self-deprecating humor for 25 years. Read more >>
the editors
Every day, one stalwart citizen does the right thing while another acts like a blithering bonehead. Here's a recap of admirable acts and embarrassing blunders for the the past season. Read more >>
Linda McGurk
When Jennifer Grace gave up a lucrative career as a biologist to become a professional snowboarder, she defied all conventional wisdom. Read more >>
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