Pogge, Drew
Mine is a worthy prey. His home range is expansive, and in his element, he is King of Beasts. His numbers are large and growing. He is smart, he is elusive, and he is dangerous. In short, he is the ultimate hunt, for the ultimate hunter. He is the Touron. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Asking permission to hunt private property is kind of like asking someone for a first date: you don’t know what to expect, whether it’ll be worth the effort, or if the other person is going to come after you with a shotgun shouting expletives about property rights and liberal Bozeman city-folk. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
We were hunting somewhere in eastern Montana, where the pulsing EKG of our state’s topography flatlines. The landscape is so flat, my dad would say, “if your dog runs away, you can still see him for a week.” Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
For many of us, summer means one thing: hunting season is near. But months of lazy fishing, floating, and summer barbeques do little to keep one’s skills sharp come opening day. Like anything, preparation and forethought are invaluable companions on the journey to success. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Montana lawmakers recently voted against a bill that would have amended current trespassing laws and enhanced access to public land for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. The House Judicial Committee tabled the “Corner Crossing Bill” on January 30. Read more >>
Putnam, Nathan
There are plenty of things to remember when prepping for a hunt, but hearing protection is often overlooked. Properly fitting, sufficient hearing protection can prevent permanent and irreversible hearing loss. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
In an era of leafy, cut-poly fabrics dyed in the latest digi-cam patterns and different outfits of the latest tech-wear designed to blend into the countryside like a moth’s wing or a duck’s butt, the only thing today’s hunter could lack in the ancient art of concealment is money. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
It’s finally here: day and night are in sync with similar hourly spans, frost has been spied on the pumpkins, and a rack or two has been spotted in the back of a passing pickup. It’s autumn, and in Montana that means only one thing: HUNTING SEASON! Read more >>
Bilverstone, Bill
Half a mile below Axtell Bridge, as I stalked the wily fall foliage with my Nikon, a fisherman burst out of the brush. Big-eyed and breathless, his creel flopping and waders swishing, he hustled over to me shouting, “Did you see it?” Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Whether you’re a classic Wild Turkey–drinkin’ hunter or a more sophisticated Cosmopolitan-quaffer, Bozeman has some great spots to relax—or celebrate—after a day in the field. Here’s where to get your drink on après-hunt. Colonel Black’s and Zebra Cocktail Lounge Read more >>
Ken Sinay
Like a lot of Montanans, I’ve done my share of hunting—it’s a seasonal tradition, and I enjoy the healthy, high-quality protein I harvest for my family and friends.  Read more >>
The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website has up-to-date information on wildlife populations, hunter success rates, and predictions for next year's hunting seasons. Read more >>
Flowers, Pat
Montana’s Second Wolf Hunting Season
954,421,128: dollars per year spent on elk hunting, according to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation1,201: dollars spent per year by the average elk hunter, per RMEF Read more >>
Estela Villasenor
Chasing game on two wheels.
Frost, Melissa
Here's the latest from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.Enough is Enough Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
I’ve often wondered what it takes to be a truly great hunter. After hunting for a little over 18 years and guiding for five, I feel that at my best I’m still only pretty good. Master status is decades off, if ever. Read more >>
Hostetler, Jeff
Few books say so much with so few words as Unforgettable Days Afield: Montana Hunting. Read more >>
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