Grizzly Bears, Bear Attacks, Montana, Hunting, Todd Orr
Todd Orr
On October 1, 2016, Todd Orr was attacked by a grizzly bear—twice. This is his story.  Read more >>
Bowhunting, Elk, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Hunting the wily wapiti.
River’s Edge Recurves, Bozeman, Bow Hunting
Anthony Pavkovich
Catching up to a Bozeman bow-maker. 
Mick Frost
The coming of the hunt.Dusk comes earlier these days, the red sun casting long shadows across the valley. Dawn is a late riser; her timid light overtakes the darkness at a later hour each day. Read more >>
hunting hipster, camouflage, outdoor hipsters
the editors
A guide to outdoor hipsters, part one.
Bow-Season Training, FHF Gear, Montana
Scott Grimm
Prepping for a successful season.  
Kent Orms
Breaking into bow hunting. 
Northern Bridgers, Hunting Moose, Bozeman
Savage, Nick
Learning what I'm capable of, the hard way. Read more >>
Bow hunting, archery, women, Bozeman, Montana
Maggie Slepian
Female archers are on the rise.
Bow hunting, women, archery, Bozeman
Slepian, Maggie
 While the shrink-it-and-pink-it philosophy still exists with women’s bows, there are finally women-specific models that are just as badass as the men’s. I outgrew my beginner bow this year, and tested out the Spirit—the first women’s bow from Elite Archery. Read more >>
The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website has up-to-date information on wildlife populations, hunter success rates, and predictions for next year's hunting seasons. Read more >>
Tom Reed
I have never figured out why once these good short months of harvest and hunt come, my thoughts never drift to fish. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
For many outdoorsfolk, autumn can be a conundrum. With the plethora of possibilities and opportunities in this blessed corner of the Treasure State, choosing a starting point can be overwhelming. For starters, head for the bridges and ridges of Madison County. Bridges Read more >>
Andrew Crow
He’d been shooting his bow for months. The dedication was intense. He spent the shortening days of the fading summer quivering with excitement and expectation. And now the season is here. Read more >>
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