Surrender, fishing in Montana, perfect cast, fly fishing
Carl Beideman
Patience may just lead to perfection.When I first observed spey casting, it looked like a man waving in surrender, or perhaps a horsetail swatting flies off its ass. There is nothing graceful about either image. Read more >>
Hickey, Ryan
The effort makes the catch
fly fishing gear, fly fishing, fly box, fly patterns, fishing in Montana
Decker, David
Fly patterns that work in many sizes
fly fishing, Montana hatches, bug hatches, fishing in Montana
Adelman, Jake
When to fish what in southwest MontanaFiguring out what the fish are eating is one of the hardest parts of fly fishing. Here’s a look at the best hatches around southwest Montana. Read more >>
fly fishing gear, fly fishing essentials, fishing in Montana, fishing ideas
the editors
What to take for your day on the water Read more >>
Keyes, Fletcher
Every Montana angler with a conscience should keep in mind that fishing is a brutal sport. Read more >>
Kumlien, Kris
It seems pretty strange that in a beautiful state like Montana—replete with pristine lakes, rivers, and streams chock full of beautiful brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout—groups of fly-fishing bums would be excitedly searching muddy ponds and murky waters for a lowly trash fish that Midwesterner Read more >>
Mike England
The “No Trespassing” sign loomed large on the dry, cracked fencepost, its black letters cold and threatening. A hundred yards behind it lay the river, calling to me in sonorous tones of riffle and rushing current. Read more >>
Warriors and Quiet Waters, Female Veterans Fly Fishing
Ali Ramirez
Female vets find solace on Montana's waters. 
East Gallatin, Fly Fishing
Mike England
The stream was small and serpentine, with overhanging branches and deep, undercut banks. Read more >>
Gallatin River, Fly Fishing
Sean Jansen
Pick-up day has come to the river. 
fall fishing, fly fishing, fly tying, lightning bug
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Tying a simple fall favorite. 
Yellowstone Club Wastewater Spill, Gallatin River
Keatan Williams
Big Sky’s growth is no joke: by 2020 its sewer district is expected to max out wastewater storage options, meaning big investments and big change are on the horizon. Read more >>
Jenny Grossenbacher, Grossenbacher Photography
Emerald LaFortune
Jenny Grossenbacher is a local legend—she’s been an expert guide, a stalwart steward, and a passionate advocate. She’s out of the guiding game now, and that’s your loss. We caught up with Jenny recently; here’s a bit of her story. Read more >>
Dropper Rigs, Montana, Fly Fishing
Kurt Dehmer
It’s a fact that the tug of a fish on the end of your line releases chemicals in the pleasure center of the brain. This in turn causes an angler to seek out that experience more often, like an addict. Read more >>
Alpine Lake, Fishing, Beartooths
Kurt Dehmer
As a guide and outfitter, I’m often asked where I like to fish when I’m not working, and while I love moving water, few things more rewarding than pulling fish out of high-alpine lakes. Erase the guesswork by using these tips and make your next high-country fishing trip a success. Read more >>
Hebgen Lake, West Yellowstone
Jimmy Lewis
Within two hours of Bozeman are two reservoirs and a lake that can provide an alternative to overcrowded rivers. All are fishable via driftboat or raft, pontoon or paddleboard. Read more >>
Bloom’s Parachute Caddis
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Picking flies for any given day can be an overwhelming task. My advice? Keep it simple. Read more >>
Wet-Wading, Fly Fishing, Montana
Brett Seng
Before an angler makes his or her first cast into a cold, fast-flowing Montana river, countless decisions must be made—not least of which is whether to don waders. Sometimes it’s obvious—at both ends of the temperature spectrum, for example—but other times, it’s a matter of personal taste. Read more >>
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