Quake Lake, close calls, fishing story
John Fedorka
Finding a winter break on Quake Lake. 
Montana Fly Fishing, Yellowstone River
Dan Gigone
It's easier to see clearly when you know where to look.  Read more >>
Lower Madison River, Fishing montana, fly fishing, floating
John Way
The lower Madison in spring. Spring is a tricky season for the angler: weather is unpredictable, fish are elusive, and stream flows are in constant flux. Finding a waterway worthy of your time and effort can be challenging, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Read more >>
Brown Trout Fishing, Montana
Doug Mcknight
Tying and fishing the Sasquatch.
fly-fishing, spring, Outside Bozeman, Montana, Kevin Howdeshell
Holden Sieler
Rethinking the Zen of fly. 
Surrender, fishing in Montana, perfect cast, fly fishing
Carl Beideman
Patience may just lead to perfection.When I first observed spey casting, it looked like a man waving in surrender, or perhaps a horsetail swatting flies off its ass. There is nothing graceful about either image. Read more >>
Mike England
The “No Trespassing” sign loomed large on the dry, cracked fencepost, its black letters cold and threatening. A hundred yards behind it lay the river, calling to me in sonorous tones of riffle and rushing current. Read more >>
Review: Redington Siren
Pico Alt
Redington’s Siren women’s wading boots are confidence-inspiring, an important characteristic on southwest Montana’s bigg Read more >>
Fly Shop, Madison River, Bozeman, Montana
Elizabeth Sinclair
Tales of a fly-shop girl. 
Jefferson River, Trout Unlimited, Fly Fishing, Montana
Tom Reed
A restoration success story.  Forgotten. Ignored. Overlooked. Spurned. Maybe even scorned.  Read more >>
Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Dan Ventura
Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned. Read more >>
Simple Fly Fishing, Patagonia
the editors
Simple Fly Fishing
Fly Line, Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Jake Walbridge
A leader-and-tippet breakdown. 
Bozeman, Fly Fishing, Local Manufacturers
the O/B crew
Getting outfitted locally. 
East Gallatin, Fly Fishing
Mike England
The stream was small and serpentine, with overhanging branches and deep, undercut banks. Read more >>
Gallatin River, Fly Fishing
Sean Jansen
Pick-up day has come to the river. 
fall fishing, fly fishing, fly tying, lightning bug
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Tying a simple fall favorite. 
Yellowstone Club Wastewater Spill, Gallatin River
Keatan Williams
Big Sky’s growth is no joke: by 2020 its sewer district is expected to max out wastewater storage options, meaning big investments and big change are on the horizon. Read more >>
Jenny Grossenbacher, Grossenbacher Photography
Emerald LaFortune
Jenny Grossenbacher is a local legend—she’s been an expert guide, a stalwart steward, and a passionate advocate. She’s out of the guiding game now, and that’s your loss. We caught up with Jenny recently; here’s a bit of her story. Read more >>
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