Photo by John Juracek
Way, John
Floating Etiquette.
Quake Lake, Madison River, West Yellowstone
Dehmer, Kurt
The Madison Valley's watery offerings.
French'y Fall Fathead, Fall Fly, Gallatin River Guides
Armijo-Grover, Jimmy
Tying the Frenchy's Fall Fathead. 
Castle Mountains, Motorbike Fishing, Montana Fly Fishing
Lewis, Jimmy
Fishing by motorcycle, from Bozeman to the Castle Mountains. Read more >>
rainbow trout, catch and release, Montana trout fishing
Gough, Fran
Life and (nearly) death in a trout stream. Read more >>
Cutthroat fishing in Montana, fly-fishing Montana, catch and release
the editors
Or you won't catch them again. "Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once.”—Lee Wulff, father of catch-and-release fishing Read more >>
Photo by Ken Takata
England, Mike
Letting the fish come to you.
fly-fishing, spring, Outside Bozeman, Montana, Kevin Howdeshell
Sieler, Holden
Rethinking the Zen of fly. 
trend-setting, Bozeman, Fly-fishing, Outside Bozeman  magazine
Reed, Tom
Casting before it was cool. I think it happened in late July, 1980.Carl drove. We were high-school buddies, pals who grew up together breathing the scent of rain on sagebrush and living for things like elk and trout and Western skies. Read more >>
canoe, fly fishing, Gallatin River
LaFortune, Emerald
An ode to being broke and fishing anyway. Read more >>
Winter fly fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Hostetler, Jeff
Winter fly fishing in the Bozone.Dear O/B reader, Read more >>
Brown Trout, fishing in Montana, fly fishing
Kehler, Art
A foe not soon forgotten.
fly-fishing, bozeman montana, first fish, trout
England, Mike
Two memories often percolate through the stratified bedrock of my accumulated fishing experiences, seeping into consciousness cold and clear like a mountain spring. Read more >>
Seng, Brett
This summer's hottest fly
Surrender, fishing in Montana, perfect cast, fly fishing
Carl Beideman
Patience may just lead to perfection.When I first observed spey casting, it looked like a man waving in surrender, or perhaps a horsetail swatting flies off its ass. There is nothing graceful about either image. Read more >>
Hickey, Ryan
The effort makes the catch
fly fishing gear, fly fishing, fly box, fly patterns, fishing in Montana
Decker, David
Fly patterns that work in many sizes
fly fishing, Montana hatches, bug hatches, fishing in Montana
Adelman, Jake
When to fish what in southwest MontanaFiguring out what the fish are eating is one of the hardest parts of fly fishing. Here’s a look at the best hatches around southwest Montana. Read more >>
fly fishing gear, fly fishing essentials, fishing in Montana, fishing ideas
the editors
What to take for your day on the water Read more >>
Keyes, Fletcher
Every Montana angler with a conscience should keep in mind that fishing is a brutal sport. Read more >>
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