Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision, Bozeman Mountain Biking, Montana Mountain Bike Alliance
Tucker, David
Mountain-bike advocacy in southwest Montana.
Women's Biking Apparel, Bozeman Mountain Biking, Bozeman Pedal Project
Mangels, Angie
Women's biking apparel.
Megan Ault
Ask about twelve-hour workdays stacked up, sometimes in blistering hot or numbingly frigid weather, continuous fatigue, or aches in the body, and Terry Johnson will still insist he has the best job in the world. Read more >>
Lewis & Clark Caverns, Spring Mountain Biking, Montana
Dave Dolph
Biking Lewis & Clark Caverns. 
Montana Fat biking, Custer Gallatin National Forest
Brian McNeil
Fat-Biking the Custer Gallatin. 
Winter Activities
Estela Villaseñor
Winter traditions among friends. 
Shafthouse Trail, Bridger Range
Solomon, Morgan
In the fall, bikers share the woods with hunters—here are some tips to play nice and be safe. Read more >>
Montana Fat-biking
Tucker, David
Fat-bikers have a new winter home in Bozeman: Bohart Ranch. The cross-country ski center will open its 30-plus kilometers of trails to bikers for the 2014-15 season in response to the growing popularity of the sport. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
The Impact Low is one of the burliest options in the Five Ten lineup. With a stiff sole, slingshot technology to hold your foot in place, and some strategic padding, this shoe offers a ton of support for really getting after it. Read more >>
Tucker, David
The first thing I noticed about the X-Alp Enduro IV shoes from Pearl Izumi was how comfortable they were; they felt more like trail runners than mountain-biking shoes. This comfort doesn’t comprise pedaling performance, however. Read more >>
Smith Optics Forefront Helmet
Tucker, David
Your ride is only as good as the gear that gets you from A to B. Here's a rundown of the season's best. Read more >>
Pearl iZumi Summit Glove Review
Brayton, Lea
If you’re looking for lightweight protection on the singletrack this summer, the Summit Glove by Pearl iZumi is a good option. It’s relatively breathable and the polyester-and-rubber construction keeps bulk down but utility high. Read more >>
Mountain Biking, Chestnut Mountain, Bozeman
Angie Mangels
Bike reviews for all-mountain riders.
26 Products, Custom Pedals, Bozeman Biking
Bill Bilverstone
Bozeman's bike industry entrepreneurs.
Pipestone, biking, Montana trails, outside bozeman
David Tucker
Tuning into the trails at Pipestone. 
The Great One, Skiing in Montana, Outside Bozeman
the editors
Multi-sport adventures are a rite of spring in Montana, and as such, we’ve created a contest to honor them. You have from sun-up to sundown to complete the ultimate outdoor experience of your choice, completing a minimum of three activities. Read more >>
Canyon Ferry, biking, winter camping
Estela Villasenor
Winter camping by bike.
Mountain Biking, Shafthouse Trail, Bridger Mountains
Donatelle, Ben
Mountain biking the northern Bridgers.
bike trails, where to bike around Bozeman,
the editors
Must-do rides close to town. Smooth singletrack is one of the best things in the world. Here’s a list of our favorite rides in the area to get your legs moving and your adrenaline pumping. Read more >>
Mountain biking in Montana, adventure riding, bikes, Montana
Ryan Krueger
Biking Bozeman's hidden trails. 
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