England, Mike
Three Forks Threesome.
Janacaro, Tony
While the hills of Bozeman are still mud-laden from snowmelt and spring moisture, Pipestone offers some of the best biking around. Read more >>
Drew Pogge
“Dude, I had brutal chainsuck on that compound disappearing hill and had to dab twice. Then I did a little crotch testing over the stump—wang chung in a big way. Did you pass that brand whore roadie on the tar?” Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
The assignment was simple. Since mountain bike races have been gaining popularity around Bozeman in recent years, my boss made me go compete in one—despite the fact that I hadn’t been on a bike in roughly a decade and didn’t know IMBA from NAMBLA. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
When your kid is ready to graduate from beginner status and take to the hills, try one of these (relatively) easy trails:Bozeman Creek / Sourdough Canyon—mileage varies Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
If you live in the Gallatin Valley, you know that biking is pretty damn fun. What you might not know is that biking with kids can be just as much fun—even though it takes a little more work and planning. Read more >>
Jay Pape
Isn’t it funny how things work? All summer long I dream of backcountry powder, but as soon as those long winter nights set in, I begin passing the time on a bike trainer and dreaming of future “gravel grinder” rides on my cross bike. Read more >>
Lange, Ted
There’s no trail fairy creating new trails around Bozeman, but with partnerships, fund-raising, hard work, and patience, wishes can come true. Read more >>
Villasenor-Allen, Estela
This past summer, while a battle raged between hikers and mountain bikers over access to one section of the Gallatin National Forest (the Hyalite–Porcupine–Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area), a vastly different dynamic took place across the range. Read more >>
Cey, Brian
The list of adjectives streaming through my mind was certainly more George Carlin than Hallmark as I hugged bare dirt and scree in the fetal position and dime-sized hail wailed my noggin at 10,000 feet. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
By the time May rolls around, most of us are looking forward to the mountain biking season and miles of twisting and turning single-track bliss. The problem is, area trails usually don’t dry out until mid-June. Solution: check out some new terrain. Read more >>
Wall of Death, Bozeman, Mystic Lake Trail
Bilverstone, Bill
I'm unloading my bike at the Bozeman Creek Trailhead and already MP is giving me grief. Read more >>
Villasenor, Estela
The cycling days in the mountains around Bozeman are numbered. Sandwiched between June’s mud season and the first snows, there never seems to be enough of those fat-tire days in the high country. Read more >>
Westlake BMX Park
Megan Ault
All about Gallatin Valley BMX and the Westlake BMX Park. Read more >>
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