Coil, Jesse
Hot summer days in Bozeman usually mean fun and adventure, but if you’re not careful, they can mean something else: heat stroke. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
In one compact design, the Backcountry Bomb allows you to cut cornices quickly and efficiently. Read more >>
Orem, Tina
Hypothermia, Frostbite and Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Survival, Rescue, and Treatment (Second Edition)by Gordon G. Giesbrecht, Ph.D., and James A. Wilkerson, M.D.excerpt pages 125-126 Read more >>
Nauman, Chris
Before getting geared up for rock-climbing season, give some thought to safety. Here are three simple things to think about: properly threading top anchors, doubling back your harness, and replacing old, worn-out gear. And, of course, don’t forget to wear a helmet! Read more >>
Barkas, Vaia
My dog is all nose. Black and quivering, it leads him headlong after any whiff of nonsense. Like the day I came down from Mystic Lake. My dog trotted by the creek, snuffling after squirrels but coming when I called. Around a bend we met two riders on horseback. Read more >>
Leigh Ripley
We all know the danger is out there, but the reality of it actually happening is usually far from our thoughts. Fact is, grizzly bears do attack. They attack anyone or anything they feel threatened by. Spend enough time in the backcountry, and one day that threat might be you. Read more >>
Sanford, Ashley
Few things in Montana have the power to get an adventure lover’s blood pumping and adrenaline racing as much as a field of fresh powder or an undiscovered frozen waterfall that begs to be climbed. But few things also have the power to be so potentially dangerous. Read more >>
Mike England
Seeing a grizzly in the wild can be a thrilling experience — its massive, brown body; those powerful jaws; that great, lumbering stride. But these qualities are best enjoyed from a safe distance. Read more >>
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