Brown Trout in Bear Trap

Madison River, Brown Trout, Fly fishing

Brown Trout in Bear Trap

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Bussard, Jesse

Dries, nymphs, emergers, attractors, streamers.
So many flies to choose from,
But only one will spark the fancy of that elusive trout. 

I tie on my fly of choice,
A Kelly Gallup special, brown in color,
Affectionately named the Sex Dungeon. 

On this windy, cool, late-fall day in November,
This fly will do the job.
I cast into the 25+ mph winds.
Rain spits in my face,
And the icy water of the Madison runs around me. 

I cast and I cast again.
Each time letting the fly, which has become submerged in the green, cloudy water
Dead drift for a ways.
Then slowly I strip in my line,
Doing my best to simulate the pulsating swim of a tiny brown sculpin
In hopes that the big brown trout of my dreams is lying in wait for a meal. 

When I least expect it, I feel the tug.
“The tug is the drug,” they say. 

I set the hook.
A silver spotted explosion arises from the depths.
(I yell for joy.)
He splashes, glistens,
Then goes back under to fight with all his might. 

I strip the line in slowly and ready my net.
Any bigger and he wouldn’t fit.
What a beautiful sight this brown trout is.
Tones of pewter and brushed nickel,
With black speckles adorn his shiny scales.

I keep him submerged partially, doing my best not to stress him.
I admire him, thank him for the chance to take part in this moment. 

Then I release him back into the freedom of the river.
I listen to the ebb and flow.
I smile.
I look forward to the moment I get to do it all over again.

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