Krueger, Ryan
Once a paddle unavailable for purchase, the AT2 Superduty by Adventure Technologies is now on the market and has been designed with nothing left out. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
I live on your feet. I keep your toes warm in the chilly springtime flows and I feed you beer when you fail. I protect you from rocks and sticks and I allow you to move freely along riverbanks and bottoms. I am the Scout bootie by Kokatat and I am your new best friend. Read more >>
England, Mike
Two solid boats for whitewater canoeing.  
the editors
From the leader in ergonomically advanced paddles, the Adventure Technologies AT4 River offers a natural wrist position, improved control, and larger blades on this new piece to maximize stroke and reduce flutter each time you pull it through the water. Read more >>
Mike England
Wenonah Canoe—Winona, MNRogue,
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