Cycl WingLights
Mike England
Spring’s here and it’s time to ride—which means it’s also time to worry about getting flattened by an F-350. Fret less with CYCL’s WingLights, a cool innovation for cyclists that offers visibility for drivers and peace of mind for you. Read more >>
The Dog Outdoors WalkingDog Plus
Angie Mangels
Sometimes, you need to get your dog exercised quickly and across town safely by bike. The WalkyDog Plus bike leash is an ingenious yet simple product that gives you hands-free control while riding. Read more >>
Leatt Airflex MTB Pads
Peterson, Simon
The Leatt Airflex knee and elbow bike pads are lightweight and low profile making them a great option for all types of mountain-bike rides. I hardly notice them in the pack on the ascent and they are comfortable and cool on the downhill, which is why they never leave the pack. Read more >>
Pearl Izumi Journey Short
Tucker, David
The days of Lycra are numbered… at least when it comes to riding bikes on dirt. Nowadays the options for technical apparel that isn’t skin-tight are plentiful and varied—but being a less-is-more kind of guy, I’ve opted for the Journey Short from Pearl Izumi. Read more >>
Women's Biking Apparel, Bozeman Mountain Biking, Bozeman Pedal Project
Mangels, Angie
Women's biking apparel.
Smith Optics Forefront Helmet
Tucker, David
Your ride is only as good as the gear that gets you from A to B. Here's a rundown of the season's best. Read more >>
Pearl iZumi Summit Glove Review
Brayton, Lea
If you’re looking for lightweight protection on the singletrack this summer, the Summit Glove by Pearl iZumi is a good option. It’s relatively breathable and the polyester-and-rubber construction keeps bulk down but utility high. Read more >>
Mountain Biking, Chestnut Mountain, Bozeman
Angie Mangels
Bike reviews for all-mountain riders.
Mangels, Angie
After switching to platform pedals, I realized that I had to find out what Five Ten Baron shoes were all about. These super-sticky-soled kicks are an alternative to clipless pedals—once you set your foot down on a pedal, it doesn’t move (until you move your feet yourself). Read more >>
England, Mike
Nothing’s more fundamental to bike commuting than a good light. Sure, you can sling a headlamp on your skull and call it good; but for more stability, safety, and a MaxBright LED that slashes darkness like a wizard’s staff, check out the Princeton Tec Push. Read more >>
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