Nordic Skiing, Cross-country Skiing
the editors
A guide to XC skiing.
Nordic Skiing, Injury Prevention, XC Skiing, Bozeman
Lunden, Jason
Injury prevention in cross-country skiing.
Madshus Glitterhind BC Review
Chris McCarthy
I was in search of a backcountry ski package that would be as effective on groomers and packed snow as it would be cutting trail through fresh powder. Read more >>
Bridger Biathlon Club
Hamilton, Felicia
Some combos just seem right—peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Coke, and now in Bozeman, skiing and shooting. This season at Bohart Ranch, thanks to the efforts of the Bridger Biathlon Club (BBC), Bohart pass holders will be able to test their mettle at an all-new Olympic-caliber shooting range. Read more >>
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park
Harrison, Melynda
Winter fun on a big scale.
Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, face-off
the editors
A battle for the ages.
xc skiing in montana, women in sports, outdoors trails, Bozeman
Harrison, Melynda
Close-to-home ski trails. 
winter, ski, Montana, Outside Bozeman
Baril, Lisa
The life and times of Frieda Johnson.
Cross country skiing, Bozeman winter activities,
Harrison, Melynda
Affordable winter pursuitsTo live in Bozeman, you have to love winter, and that means getting out in it. You could pay big bucks and hit the ski slopes, but there are cheaper ways to fall in love with winter too. Read more >>
Brittany Wiser at Bohart Ranch. Photo by Ian Roderer.
Maggie Slepian
A great all-purpose cross-country ski package from Madshus. Read more >>
Overton, Mitch
In Bozeman, many of us not only look forward to the arrival of Old Man Winter, we spend months preparing by saving money for passes and gear, mentally planning Ridge runs, scheduling work vacations, taping hockey sticks—and just plain getting giddy. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
After more than an hour of skiing in the shaded, narrow Spring Creek Canyon, I slid into a patch of sunlight. The snow sparkled with promise of longer days, light reflecting off every crystal. My toes were still frozen and the sun on my boots didn’t help warm them. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
We are fortunate to live in an area ripe with opportunities for outdoor winter adventures, and no sport gets you further outdoors in the snow than cross-country skiing. Read more >>
Joe Irons
The powder in the hood of my jacket is falling down my neck—I need to clear it out, but I just can’t bring myself to stop long enough to do so. The sun is climbing on the horizon and each pass through the snowfield feels better then the last. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Imagine flying through Yellowstone just inches about the ground. You zoom past lodgepole pines and along rivers not yet full with spring flows. Elk watch from the ecotones and ermine leap out of your way. Rolling meadows are covered in a smooth, sexy blanket that reflects the sun like diamonds. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
Looking for a new venue for your favorite winter activity? Just head over the hill. Doesn’t matter what blows your hair back—once the snow comes down, you can find it in Paradise Valley. Read more >>
Melynda Harrison
Trail Grooming
Cross-country skiing, Yellowstone
Melynda Harrison
One winter morning, after spending the night at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge in the middle of Yellowstone, I woke early for a short solo ski tour. The boardwalks around the Upper Geyser Basin were still covered in a thin layer of snow. No one was around. Read more >>
nordic, winter, skating
Mitch Overton
Bozeman is a winter wonderland, and there are lots of opportunities in and around town to get out and enjoy it. With the help of Bozeman’s Parks and Rec Department, here are some fun activities at your local parks this winter.In-Town Nordic Trails Read more >>
Bozeman has a ton of public nordic ski trails in town, in the surrounding mountains, and area all-inclusive ski facilities. Here's a short list with links to details to get you started.Public trails: Read more >>
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