Small Game

Lead Poisoning, Birds of Prey, Montana Raptor Conservation Center
Mike England
Make Butte proud and buy copper. 
rabbit hunting, winter,
Lou Walters
Luck and patience combine in the winter woods.  Read more >>
Rabbit Stew, Rabbit Hunting, Montana
Bilverstone, Bill
Cooking cottontail.
winter, crockpot rabbit, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Bilverstone, Bill
A tale of bad friends and splintered stew. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
A treasured Montana pastime.
The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks website has up-to-date information on wildlife populations, hunter success rates, and predictions for next year's hunting seasons. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
As pursuits go there is nothing that turns the proverbial crank quite like a hunt. But alas, spring is not usually considered the season for such things. Although this may be the case, and aside from the hibernation-thinned bruin, nothing considered big game is in season. Read more >>
Orem, Tina
On January 14, 2006, the town of Baker, Montana will have its annual coyote calling contest. No, this isn’t the kind of contest where you can win a t-shirt for moaning in public. This is a chance to win a few hundred bucks for killing the most coyotes. Read more >>
Ken Sinay
There's a distinct sense of adventure in following animal tracks in the snow, and winter is probably the best time for developing your tracking skills. Read more >>
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