Beginner's Guide

Johnny Bozeman
Need to know the deal on gear, trends, and outdoor issues? You've come to the right place. Gear guru Johnny Bozeman's got the answers you need. Read more >>
Elissa Stagg
With gear-bedecked fishermen floating and wading our rivers all summer long, it’s clear that fly fishing has become one of the most popular activities in southwest Montana. Read more >>
the editors
We've all seen him: the guy up on the ridge who looks like a total mess. He's holding the line up, he's swinging skis and poles everywhere, and he's stopping in the middle of everything to fix his gloves. Read more >>
Zolynksi, Hallie
Imagine being whisked down your favorite trail by your faithful companion, exploring new terrain in the backcountry, and getting exercise all at once. Read more >>
Kira Stoops
They're handy for breaking into a new sport, even handier for learning more about the ones you love, and southwestern Montucky is crawling with them. They're guides, and they're ready to fix you up with the gear and know-how to try something new somewhere new. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Intro to ice climbing.
Fletcher, Kevin
Think for a moment about the last time you endured 60-mph wind gusts. Or the last time you post-holed up a 1,500-foot, 35-degree slope. Did you sweat like you were in a sauna even though the temperature was below freezing? Read more >>
Garcia, Mike
Lots of rafts are showing up on Montana’s rivers lately, and with good reason. They’re fun, safe, stable, and take you places with friends. With all the choices out there, let’s take a look at what fits for our rivers. Read more >>
Kurt Dehmer
Following the rules of the river.
Orms, R. Kent
More than just hitting what you aim at, shooting well is about hitting that mark under all conditions. It’s about killing your quarry as quickly and humanely as possible. It’s about being confident with your shooting in the clutch, when the adrenaline is pumping and the wind is howling. Read more >>
Larry Diskin
Explore your world by bike.
Orms, R. Kent
Rock climbing is one of the greatest ways to get out and enjoy Montana's splendors in the summer. Plus, it's an absolute blast. The thrill of surmounting a sheer cliff that just moments before you swore was unclimbable is extremely empowering. Read more >>
Orms, R. Kent
Telemarking is one of those things, like rock climbing or perhaps fly fishing, that can’t be easily explained to outsiders. I mean, why make skiing harder than it has to be? Read more >>
Garcia, Mike
Ahh, winter is here: the air is cold, the snow is falling – now is the time to hibernate, right? Wrong. Now is the time to enjoy the peace and solitude of winter in a way that awakens all your senses. Read more >>
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