Beginner's Guide

Rifle Rounds, Hunting Ammo, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
While we hunters are blessed with more caliber options, bullet types, and specific loads than ever before, we’re now burdened with the conundrum of what ammo to buy. Read more >>
Rifles, Shotguns, Hunting Arms, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
Getting the right firearm for you. 
fly-tying, flies, fishing
John Way
Matching the Montana hatch.
Bozeman, ammo, hunting
Kurt Dehmer
Getting loaded for the fall.
Nordic Skiing, Cross-country Skiing
the editors
A guide to XC skiing.
DIY European Mounts, Bozeman Taxidermy
Dehmer, Kurt
DIY European mounts.
J Stroke Diagram, canoe
Drews, Debbie
Canoe-paddling basics.
Beginner's Guide, Montana Whitewater
Drew Pogge
Fun before mastery.
Backcountry skiing, earn your turns, Bozeman skiing
Krueger, Ryan
What to know if you wanna go
Hyalite creek, fishing around Bozeman, Bozeman fishing, fly fishing
Sawyer, Kit
Intro to fishing in the BozoneIf you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, now is a great time to get out and wet a line in the fabled waters of southwest Montana. Here are a few places to go broaden your riparian education. Read more >>
bait fishing, fishing bait, fishing in Montana, old-fashioned fishing
Mike England
Bait-fishing basics.
Ransom, Katie
Kayaking destinations for beginners
fly fishing gear, fly fishing essentials, fishing in Montana, fishing ideas
the editors
What to take for your day on the water Read more >>
fly fishing tackle box flies
John Way
Top ten fly patterns.
Tapley, Peter
Once the domain of hardened alpinists, ice climbing has come a long way in its evolution and now anyone (thanks largely to modern equipment and Gallatin County snowplows) can enjoy a sense of adventure, complete with warming afternoon sun and hot cocoa between rounds on the vertical. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Over the last two years, I’ve racked up around 600 miles on the trails, hundreds of dollars in debt, and bruises on every part of my body trying to become a competent mountain biker. I’m still not there, but these are all things I wish someone would’ve told me on day one. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
Eastern Montana has long been famous for its abundance of paleontological discoveries; numerous whole skeletons from various species of dinosaurs have been found in the bluffs and badlands along the Missouri River. Read more >>
the Editors
By most accounts, hitchhiking has devolved from a commonplace it's-all-good-bro kind of '60s sci-fi adventure to a life-threatening how-badly-do-I-need-to-get-to-Spokane art form. Like most dangerous pursuits, though, it's the stuff epic stories are made of. Read more >>
Johnny Bozeman
Need to know the deal on gear, trends, and outdoor issues? You've come to the right place. Gear guru Johnny Bozeman's got the answers you need. Read more >>
Elissa Stagg
With gear-bedecked fishermen floating and wading our rivers all summer long, it’s clear that fly fishing has become one of the most popular activities in southwest Montana. Read more >>
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