Madison River, Royal Wulff Cripple, fly tying
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Tying the Royal Wulff Cripple. 
Stowaway SwingAway Hitch Carrier
Mike England
Ready your rig for a Montana safari.
Gear, Organization, Garage, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Bozeman’s version of performance art.  
Baby, kids, backpacking
the editors
DIY cost-savers for kids.
DIY Pete Ski Rack, DIY Ski Rack
Pete Sveen
DIY ski storage.
Ski Tuning, Grizzly Outfitters
Nick Turner
DIY ski repair.
Kurt Dehmer
In an era of leafy, cut-poly fabrics dyed in the latest digi-cam patterns and different outfits of the latest tech-wear designed to blend into the countryside like a moth’s wing or a duck’s butt, the only thing today’s hunter could lack in the ancient art of concealment is money. Read more >>
How-To Videos and Articles
Yost, Aaron
I recently started skiing Bozeman's backcountry via snowmobile. Sort of a dream come true, but because my buddy and I share the snow machine and we're new to this, we've had to do a lot of experimenting. Packing our skis has proved the most problematic. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
No pair of devoted, loyal skis should ever be left to rot in the garage—no matter how unshaped, heavy, geriatric, or neon. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to reincarnate your skis and give them a useful second life, long after even their rock-hopping days are over. Read more >>
Soule, Brian
For years I sat in humble awe on the chairlift, content to be carried to the tops of runs. Content to sip coffee and eat overpriced french fries in lodges with noisy tourists. At some point, all that chair-gazing awakened me to the perfect paradise just over the boundary ropes. Read more >>
Harmon, Rance Scott
When asked why people build their own fly rods, Dave McKee replies, “You get a sense of satisfaction from using something you put together yourself. Read more >>
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