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zipper failure, camping, Bozeman, tent zipper
Colleen Tretter
Tent-care tips. Outdoorspeople know there are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and zipper failure. None are any fun, and I’ll avoid the first two, but hopefully these tips will help you with the latter inevitability. Read more >>
The Editors
Gear that needs no alteration.
fishing reels, fishing gear, fly fishing, fishing essentials
Tompkins, Josh
What you need to fish Montana
Smell 'em if you got 'em
Maas, Tammy
The musty truth behind big-box hunting apparel.
England, Mike
Gear and apparel for August adventures and beyond. Read more >>
Fletcher, Kevin
A couple years ago, my friend Darren and I figured the best way for us to climb and ski Gallatin Peak in May—without getting caught on the mountain too late in the day—would be to drive to the trailhead the night before, wake up at 3am, and start skinning. Read more >>
  • Product Reviews

    Keeper Tape
    David Howlett
    Why didn't I think of this? That's what came to mind as I applied Keeper Tape to my fly rod. This simple but handy product applies a self-adhesive, transparent measuring tape onto your fly rod, and can measure fish up to 36 inches. Read more >>
    Montana Fishing Access—MountainWorks
    Chris McCarthy
    It’s not often that I don’t have my fishing gear with me, which can lead to me looking longingly at a nice little stream, wondering where I can legally access it. MountainWorks Software has eliminated that problem with the release of the Montana Fishing App. Read more >>
    the editors
    Summer’s not complete without at least one good camping trip—and we’re not talking backpacks and freeze-dried food. We’re talking pack-the-Pathfinder, fill-up-four-coolers, drop-a-hundo-at-the-grocery-store kinda camping. Read more >>
    LOWA, climbing shoe
    Brandy Burke
    I reached a whole new level with the Sparrow climbing shoe from Lowa—the several weeks I spent bouldering in them at Read more >>
    CoolCore Crush-It Tee
    David Tucker
    It's the middle of summer in Montana: "hot" doesn't begin to describe what it can feel like on the trails this time of year. Luckily, apparel technology has reached the point where our clothes are actually making us cooler. Sounds gimmicky, but it's true. Read more >>
  • Company Profiles

    Spark R&D, Splitboarding Montana, Cooke City
    Mike Harrelson
    Spark R&D celebrates ten years.
    Kenetrek Hunting
    LaFortune, Emerald
    Homegrown businesses flourish.
    26 Products, Custom Pedals, Bozeman Biking
    Bilverstone, Bill
    Bozeman's bike industry entrepreneurs.
    Bozeman, Kirk Frameworks, Sklar Bikes, Carl Strong
    Estela Villaseñor
    Local bike-builders get national recognition. 
    Oboz, Bozeman footwear, Bozeman, John Connelly
    Zach Altman
    Ten years of Oboz footwear. In 2007, John Connelly quit his day job to start an outdoor footwear company. Ten years later, locally-based Oboz is a household name, selling quality hiking boots in seven countries. O/B sat down with the founder to learn more. Read more >>
  • Do-It-Yourself

    Madison River, Royal Wulff Cripple, fly tying
    Jimmy Armijo-Grover
    Tying the Royal Wulff Cripple. 
    Stowaway SwingAway Hitch Carrier
    England, Mike
    Ready your rig for a Montana safari.
    How-To Videos and Articles
    Ski Tuning, Grizzly Outfitters
    Nick Turner
    DIY ski repair.
    Dehmer, Kurt
    In an era of leafy, cut-poly fabrics dyed in the latest digi-cam patterns and different outfits of the latest tech-wear designed to blend into the countryside like a moth’s wing or a duck’s butt, the only thing today’s hunter could lack in the ancient art of concealment is money. Read more >>
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