No matter what kind of cycle you ride, southwest Montana will keep you happy with in-town trails, burly singletrack, long smooth roads. Endless possibilities exist when it comes to  mountain biking and the only limitations are the type of trail and level of challenge you’re looking for. Whether it’s a smooth, fast downhill or a thigh-burning, lung-searing ascent (or both), it’s all just a short distance from town. 


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Main Street to the Mountains, GVLT, Bozeman Trails
Drew Hulse
Becoming a local one trail at a time.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Montana, Main Street to the Mountains
the editors
Exploring Bozeman by bike. 
Smith Rover, Smith Route
the editors
Smith helmet reviews for spring. 
Fall Biking, Bozeman, Fall Biking Gear
the editors
Fall bike gear.
Cycle, Saddle, Bike
Coletta, David
Comfort tips for your bike seat.
Bike Fitting, Excel Physical Therapy
Lunden, Jason
Fit your bike to avoid injury.
Winter Activities
Villaseñor, Estela
Winter traditions among friends. 
Tucker, David
Just because temps are dropping and snow is on its way doesn’t mean you have to stop riding your bike. It just means you need some protection from the elements. Read more >>
26 Products, Custom Pedals, Bozeman Biking
Bilverstone, Bill
Bozeman's bike industry entrepreneurs.
Melissa Cronin
Or do. Your call. 
Bozeman, Kirk Frameworks, Sklar Bikes, Carl Strong
Estela Villaseñor
Local bike-builders get national recognition. 
Bozeman, Bozeman bike club, Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club
Zach Altman
All about Bozeman's bike club. 
Bike Maintenance, Bike Tuning
Steve Bjorklund
Whether you rode all winter or left your bike in the garage, spring’s combination of water, grit, and mud on your drivetrain will shorten the life of your parts. Here are some easy steps for a longer-lasting bike. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
The Impact Low is one of the burliest options in the Five Ten lineup. With a stiff sole, slingshot technology to hold your foot in place, and some strategic padding, this shoe offers a ton of support for really getting after it. Read more >>
Canyon Ferry, biking, winter camping
Estela Villasenor
Winter camping by bike.
Bozeman biking, Bozeman, Montana
Hausen, Jodi
Is Bozeman really bicycle-friendly?
bike trails, where to bike around Bozeman,
the editors
Must-do rides close to townSmooth singletrack is one of the best things in the world. Here’s a list of our favorite rides in the area to get your legs moving and your adrenaline pumping. Read more >>
biking pack, day pack, osprey pack
Mangels, Angie
The more I use the Zealot 16 from Osprey, the more I fall in love with this bike-specific pack. Read more >>
Bozeman trails, Main street to the mountains, GVLT
Solomon, Morgan
Trails to try in BozemanThanks to Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trail system, you don’t have to go far to escape knee-pounding pavement and spend some time in nature. Try the trails below or explore your own. Read more >>
  • Road

    Wurtz, Gary
    The Hwy. 89 South Bike Path in Livingston will get a much-needed facelift this spring, part of a multi-phase project to eventually extend the trail all the way to Gardiner. Read more >>
    Nickell, Joe
    First comes runoff, flushing snow out of the mountains and forcing fisherfolk off the rivers. Read more >>
    Loudermilk, Derek
    Want to give road biking a try? Here are a few classic rides around Bozeman to get you pointed in the right direction.Triple Tree Lunchtime LoopMain Roads: Sourdough, Triple Tree, TayabeshockupDistance: 13 milesTime: 1 hour Read more >>
    Loudermilk, Derek
    At 9:55 on a spring Sunday morning, Rockford Coffee at the corner of Main and Rouse is about to see a flurry of activity. One after another, riders descend on the spot from all corners of town on an array of sleek racing bikes, each sporting snazzy blue team uniform. Read more >>
  • Mountain

    CDT, Continental Divide Trail, mountain bike, mountain biking, bikepacking
    David Tucker
    A lesson in patience on the CDT. 
    Big Sky biking, Outside Bozeman
    the editors
    Big Sky biking on the cheap. 
    Mountain-Biking Packs, Backcountry Mountain Biking
    Melissa Cronin
    On a big ride, there’s a fine line between being prepared and being up sh*# creek without a paddle. I keep the following in my pack, just in case. Read more >>
    Stone Creek
    Ben Donatelle
    Mountain biking Stone Creek.
    Copper City Trails, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association
    David Tucker
    Bozeman mountain bikers have long craved a three-season destination close to town, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Bozeman’s Tim Hawke, they’re going to get their wish. Read more >>
  • Cross

    Sklar Bikes, Adam Sklar, Gravel Grinding, Bozeman
    Adam Sklar
    Dirt-road rides for spring. If you’re itching to ride but can’t wait for the trails to dry, dirt roads are where it’s at. A gravel-grinder is the best option, but hardtails and short-travel mountain bikes work, too. Here are some routes to consider this spring. Read more >>
    Bike Jousting, Haufbrau
    Pogge, Drew
    Winning honor (if not companionship).
    Reuss, Dave
    What happens when you mix a mountain bike, a monster truck, Barry White music, and a box of blush wine? You can find the answer rolling through downtown, at your favorite trailhead, or passing you at a local bike race. Read more >>
    Pape, Jay
    Isn’t it funny how things work? All summer long I dream of backcountry powder, but as soon as those long winter nights set in, I begin passing the time on a bike trainer and dreaming of future “gravel grinder” rides on my cross bike. Read more >>
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