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Coyote, Sunset
All about the coyote. “A wolf!” someone shouted, pointing. Binoculars and monster camera lenses jockeyed at the Hayden Valley lookout. “No, it’s only a coyote.” The group sighed.  Coyotes are not quite wolves, are they? But for more than half a century, this worked in their favor. Renowned for their sense of humor, coyotes had the last laugh, as...
Steak, Beef,
Sampling southwest Montana's beef. A place is defined by its food. Someone said that somewhere, right? Sounds good, and I think it’s true—at least partly. In an effort to prove the saying right, I went looking for Montana’s quintessential food item, beef. In order to find an unadulterated Montana experience, I chose to avoid the big city all...
Avex 3Sixty Pour
Nothing beats hot coffee, especially on a crisp mountain morning. But all too often, after, I go to drown my work-day sorrows in a hot cup o’ joe and it’s stone cold. Not anymore, as the 3Sixty Pour Thermos from Avex has changed all that. Unlike most thermoses, the 3Sixty actually keeps the coffee—or tea, soup, or chili—hot. And I’m not talking...



Aug 28th
Location: Dillon, MT Cost: FREE Details: Beaverhead County features two Baldy Mountains, and you'll be hiking the more popular one, at the south end of the East Pioneers. This hike features superb views in all directions, far beyond giant Beaverhead County, including more than a half dozen mountain ranges. Details here.  
Aug 29th
Location: Big Sky Community Park Pavilion Time: 2pm Cost: FREE Details: Join the Gallatin River Task Force for an afternoon of cleaning up the Upper Gallatin River. Reward your efforts with free beer and BBQ after. Details here.  
Aug 22nd, Aug 29th
Location: Bozeman Bike Kitchen, 2104 Industrial Dr. Time: 6-7pm Cost: FREE Details: Join Bozeman Bike Kitchen for a one-hour clinic every Monday. Each session features a different topic, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for weekly updates.


The yin and yang of fly fishing. A few months ago, I posted a grip-and-grin selfie with a spunky little rainbow I caught near Livingston. It was the last day of a 14-day trip, an excursion that forced me to ask myself if I really enjoy fly fishing. Or has it become a life-consuming obsession filled with hours of confidence-crushing refusals,...
Building a DIY cook stove. An ingenious little camp stove that doesn’t cost a dime? Sign me up. Using a few simple materials, you can build a fuel-efficient “rocket stove”—an updated version of the tin can “hobo stove” used by generations of wanderers, survivalists, and backwoods campers. Note the L-shaped design, which makes this a "rocket" There...
Backpacking the Beartooth's Beaten Path. Think a beaten path is for newbies and the unimaginative? Think again and meet the Beaten Path of Yellowstone country. “It’s a popular trail because it’s a beautiful trail,” says the USFS officer during a pre-hike visit to the Beartooth Ranger District in Red Lodge. Although, he quickly reminds me, “popular...

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