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Bozeman Public Land Advocates
Local warriors in the fight for public land. It seems that each season brings yet another attack on access to public land and water. All around southwest Montana—like the rest of the West—signs are going up, gates are being locked, roads and trails are being blocked off. Meanwhile, the public is fighting back, mainly by supporting area nonprofits...
Wolf Encounter, Bozeman, Montana
How the woods became wilder. On opening day of rifle season, not 30 minutes from Bozeman’s well-caffeinated and tragically hip Main Street, I took my Winchester for a stroll with deer and elktags in my pocket. My destination was a piece of public land that I regularly escape to for its topography, general lack of people, scenic values, and some...
Hunt Right Campaign, FWP Region 3
A plea for good ethics in the field. “In our rather stupid time, hunting is belittled and misunderstood, many refusing to see it for the vital vacation from the human condition that it is, or to acknowledge that the hunter does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, he kills in order to have hunted.” So wrote Jose Ortega y Gasset, the early...



Oct 20th
Location: Main Street, EnnisTime: 3-5pmCost: FREEDetails: Gather with hunters, family, friends, and food enthusiasts for a taste of Ennis and a taste of the fall; come hungry for classic and creative wild-game dishes. Details here. 
Oct 20th
Location:  Willie's Distillery, EnnisCost: FREEDetails: Come compete with you best animal calls in five different categories, including big game, waterfowl and upland birds, predators, and others. Winners receive high praise and prizes from event sponsors like Mystery Ranch and Sitka. Details here. 
Oct 21st
Location: Bridger BowlTime: 9amCost: FREEDetails: Come run or walk 1, 3, or 4.8 miles with BSWD as they kick off their winter fun run season! Free, open to the public. No pets, please. 

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