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A winter style guide for Bozemanites. In Paris, haute couture rules. Seattle is still reeling from late-‘90s grunge. Hawaii has flip-flops and boardshorts. And Bozeman is the reigning king of Patagucci Cowboy Chic.In order to look the part of a Bozeman outdoorsman or woman about town, there are some fashion basics to which one must adhere, or risk...
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Training tips from local pros.As autumn takes hold in southwest Montana, our motivation for training in the mountains tends to match the season: shorter days, shorter runs and rides; less warm air and sunshine, less fire in the belly for those big, long objectives. The world seems to slow down a little, and we fall in step with the more relaxed...
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Following Yellowstone's wolves.Fall’s pre-dawn chill saturates the frosty stillness of Yellowstone Park’s northeast corner. Lizzie Cato, petite, freckled, and bundled in many layers and textures of purple, leaps into the driver’s seat of her government-issued Dodge Durango. Her gloved hand fumbles with the settings of a telemetry receiver—a walkie...


Dec 03rd
Location: Gear WizardCost: $200 per class; $500 for three-class sessionDetails: Sharpen your bike maintenence skills with master mechanic Brian Wood. Each session of classes will cover basic tune-ups, wheels and tires, and brakes and shifting. Call Gear Wizard at 406-587-3737 to book; more details here.
Dec 03rd
Location: OnlineCost: FREEDetails: This online avalanche awareness seminar is open to all and will get you primed to start thinking about snow safety. An optional field session is available for participants in the online course. More details here. 
Dec 03rd
Location: OnlineCost: FREEDetails: Tune in with professional climber Matt Cornell for an evening of riveting tales from the frozen mountains. Streaming from Uphill Pursuits' Facebook and Instagram. 


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