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Montana Hunting Ethics, Hunt Right, Montana FWP
Ethics in sport. Surely elk-hunting is good for elk. Otherwise we’d have to defend killing as sport.  Climbing in the dark against icy wind, after a tiring day that had shown me no elk, I saw antler tips before the bull saw me. Dodging through twisted pines, I got an offhand shot at 60 yards. The bullet landed well. That five-point yielded many...
Survival skills, Montana
Tips for backcountry emergencies. In the woods, there are many ways to get in trouble. But if we let fear of the unknown dictate our lives, we’d miss out on all the excitement and adventure that fall has to offer—like solitary fly fishing, remote elk hunts, and early-season ski-touring. Here are some tips for handling common backcountry...
Toward a Natural Forest, Custer Gallatin National Forest
Over time, people change, and after reading Toward a Natural Forest (Oregon State University Press, $20), it’s clear government agencies do too. In Jim Furnish’s memoir about the United States Forest Service, we’re treated to a behind-the-scenes look at a once-highly-regarded federal agency whose stubbornness and deeply entrenched bureaucracy...



Oct 26th
Location: Lindley Park Time: 6pm Cost: Single race $8; $50 for the series.  Details: Be a part of something special this fall with the Owenhouse Rockford Cyclocross Race Series. There are categories for men, women, and children, so everyone can get involved. Details here.  
Oct 26th, Oct 29th
Location: Bozeman Running Company, 126 E. Main Time: 6pm Wednesdays; 8am Saturdays Cost: FREE Details: Get active and stay motivated with twice-weekly group runs hosted by Run Bozeman. Details here.  
Oct 26th
Location: Patagonia Outlet, Dillon Time: 6:30-8pm Cost: FREE Details: Legislation targeting the transfer of public land to state-owned or private entities, backed by wealthy private interests, has plagued the Montana legislature. Policymakers have been slow to speak out against repeated assaults on public lands. Elect leaders who will fight for...


Springs around Bozeman. Soaking in hot springs, aka “hot-potting,” is a universal and timeless pleasure. Nothing beats the sensation of slipping into slightly stinging water, only to feel comfy and tranquil seconds later. Whether you’ve had a long day tracking wapiti, been at the office too long, or just have an afternoon off, these are the best...
Hunting-season tips & reminders.  With general rifle season underway, the Forest Service would like to wish you happy hunting and offer some tips and reminders in order to protect your natural resources and make your visit more enjoyable. 'Tis the season—time to make the most of it. Pick up a Motor Vehicle Use MapMotorized Vehicle Use Maps (...
Making venison stir fry. Soon enough, you'll have meat in the freezer—if you don't already. Now, I love venison, but a meal of just meat can be dull and nutritionally deficient. One way to combine venison with a healthy amount of tasty and colorful veggies is by making stir fry. Stir fry is an ancient Chinese method of quickly cooking meat and...

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