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Montana State Legislature 2017
State legislative session continues.Wildlife bills kept MWF and our conservation partners busy last week as legislators work to pass bills before the upcoming transmittal deadline to get general bills to the other chamber of the Legislature.Public roads bill hits roadblockThe main public access bill of the session, HB 295, faced a setback when it...
BCA T3 Avalanche Rescue Package Review
Combo packages have pros and cons. Buying everything at once is convenient and mindless, plus manufacturers usually discount product slightly if you making a bigger purchase. But avalanche safety gear isn't necessarily where you want to skimp, and your process should be anything but mindless. Depending on terrain, experience, skill, a combo...
Avalanche Safety, Avalanche Rescue, Bozeman
Preparing for the slide.  Picture this: you and a couple of friends have been touring all morning, leisurely approaching your objective as the sun swings around the southern sky. You checked the report and conditions are moderately dangerous, but the terrain you’ve selected is relatively low-angle, so you and your partners have decided the coast...



Feb 28th
 Location: 2104 Industrial Dr., BozemanTime: Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6-8pm; Saturdays @ 10am - 12pmCost: FREEDetails: Need some work done on your bike? Want to learn basic maintenance through hands-on instruction? Head to the Bike Kitchen during work hours. Details here. 
Feb 28th
Location: Sklar Bikes, 605 N. Wallace Ave., BozemanTime: 6-11pmCost: FREEDetails: Hop on your fatbike and cruise in-town trails. Make sure to bring a bike light and cash for potential brewery stops. Details here. 
Mar 01st
Location: REI, BozemanTime: 6-8pmCost: FREEDetails: The season might be coming to an end, but there's still time left to explore the backcountry. Get safety training before it's too late. Details here. 

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