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Mike England
Is riding your hardtail hard on your tail? Read more >>
MSR Evo Snowshoe Kit
Mike England
It may be getting brown in town, but the high country's still covered in white—so when you set out for an early-spring scramble up a steep mountainside, it pays to pack along some snowshoes. Read more >>
Simon Peterson
The Mammut Barryvox S is hands-down the best avalanche beacon I’ve used. A redesign of the popular Pulse, the Barryvox S maintains supreme reliability while adding major enhancements in terms of usability and performance. Read more >>
Mike England
A clever alternative to the best trail food ever. Read more >>
Simon Peterson
If you're in the market for a practical, warm, windproof, weather-resistant hat that is also lightweight and highly compressable, look no further than the Patagonia Read more >>
Voormi Access NXT Pullover Outside Bozeman
Mike England
The latest gear company to set up shop in Bozeman, VOORMI has come out swinging with a swanky new shop downtown and a suite of premium garments for the upscale outdoor crowd. Read more >>
Mike England
Backpack weight matters a lot more in the fall, whether you’re scampering up a soggy peak or hauling out an 80-pound elk quarter—and the MSR PocketRocket Read more >>
Ruff Wear Float Coat
Mike England
Whether you’re running rapids or just getting your puppy out on the water early, Ruff Wear’s Float Coat Read more >>
Mike England
Our two favorite flasks. 
Melissa Doar
If you've booked a ski trip to a Forest Service cabin this winter, odds are you're planning to eat well. Read more >>
Ski Sock, Merino Wool, Padded Ski Sock
Will Shepard
Not often do you stumble across socks that can be worn six times without producing a stench to kill a small child. Read more >>
Bozeman, Hiking, Local
the editors
Getting outfitted locally, hiking edition. 
Review: Xero TerraFlex
Mike England
The minimalist craze may have settled somewhat (good riddance, Five Fingers), but one profound principle remains: our bodies need to connect to the earth, not be insulated from it. And that’s what footwear manufacturer Xero advocates, even to the point of not wearing shoes at all. Read more >>
Mike England
The enduring appeal of tactical gear.“Most of our movement pursuits originated in basic survival skills, and fighting sits in the heart of it.” —Ido Portal, kinesiology coach, movement guru, and human monkey Read more >>
Mike England
Ever notice how the item you want always seems to be at the bottom of the dry bag, so you have to pull everything out, then stuff everything back in again? If you're sick of this inordinate susceptibility to Murphy's Law, pick up a WideMouth Duffel from Seal Line. Read more >>
Jeff Hostetler
Based in Missoula, Brodin Nets has been constructing high-quality, classic landing nets since 1978, and they’ve just released a new line of products for the 2003 fishing season. Read more >>
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