Ross Peak, Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
A photographic study of Ross Peak. It’s not the highest point in the Bridgers. It barely falls within the range’s ten-tallest summits. But for whatever reason, we’re drawn to Ross Peak. Read more >>
Frazier Basin, Geology, Bridger Mountains
Patti Albrecht
The fossils of Frazier Basin. 
Saddle Peak, Bridger Range, Bridger Bowl, Bozeman
Alex Marienthal
The lift-accessed sidecountry of Saddle Peak. 
Marjorie Smith
Remembering the early days at Bridger Bowl. 
Bridger Raptor Fest, Bridger Raptor Migration
Hoffman, Steve
Raptor migration along the Bridger ridge.
Ryan Krueger
The forest, once too thick to ski through, had thinned and opened itself up, granting us the opportunity to explore its altered terrain. Read more >>
Shafthouse Trail, Bridger Range
Solomon, Morgan
In the fall, bikers share the woods with hunters—here are some tips to play nice and be safe. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl, the Ridge, Schlasman's, Outside Bozeman, Slushman's
the editors
A mini-guide to Bridger's expert terrain. 
Bradley Barrett
Super Bowl Sunday of 2011 was an unpredicted snow day, and I woke up to a ringing cell phone. It was a close friend looking for a ski partner. Before fully awakening, I’d left the house and was heading toward the northern Bridgers. Read more >>
Christine Rogel
Every so often, a blue light flashes on top of the Baxter Hotel, alerting anyone within view of the tallest building in Bozeman that snow is falling at Bridger Bowl. Read more >>
Goodman, Cameron
Winter’s just around the corner, and it’s a given that dedicated skiers in southwest Montana will hunt down a few turns before the season gets started. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl, Schlasman's, Bozeman
Brian Thompson
From the time of the proposed boundary expansion at Bridger Bowl to the moment I first arrived at the Schlasman’s lift line, I was nothing but ecstatic. But in the minutes leading up to my first ride, I began to waver. It was then that I thought about what "Slushman’s" really was. Read more >>
Schlasman's, Bridger Bowl, Saddle Peak
Travis Andersen
Bridger's bounty opens for business.
Anna Bjorklund
Musing and myth on Sacajawea Peak.
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