Winter dogs, Pets, Bozeman
Pogge, Michelle
Canine considerations for cold weather.While waxing your boards and sharpening your crampons, don’t forget your furry friends—use these tips to keep your pets safe and happy when the mercury drops. Read more >>
Hunting Dogs, Bozeman
Neal M. Cote
Time waits for no dog.
Fur trapping, Dog Safety
Jones, Andrea
Snare & trap tips.
Barn Cats
Herauf, Amanda
Barn cats on patrol.
Rattlesnakes, Snake Bites, Montana
Odenbeck, Loni M.
Avoiding rattlers in southwest Montana.
Winter dogs, Pets, Bozeman
Lavelle, Dr. Sarah
Cold-weather tips for your dog.With winter underway, you’ve probably spent time winterizing your home and vehicle. But have you thought about winterizing your pet? Read more >>
pets, Outside Bozeman, Montana, dogs
Allen, Holly
Canine considerations for spring. Spring means lots of new adventures for you and your furry family members.  Here are some things to take into consideration this season. Read more >>
patrol dog, winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Bergeron, Alex
A day in the life of a patrol hound. Read more >>
Fishing with dogs, dogs, fishing, Bozeman
Reed, Tom
Fishing with dogs.
Hunting dogs, dogs, hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Isaac Lorton
Comparing hunting breeds. 
Mittelsteadt, Dr. Jane
Keeping your pets safe this season
Photo by Troy Batzler
Dr. Pogge, Michelle
Easing your dog into spring activities
Gustafson, Sid
Dealing with lameness in outdoor dogs.
Maggie Slepian
It was a clear December afternoon when Linda took Daisy for a walk on a familiar trail. Daisy was sniffing around—off trail but within sight—when she leapt into the air, yelping, thrashing, and biting her front leg. Read more >>
Metrick, Dee
Learning to be a winter bitch in Bozeman. Read more >>
Jennifer Watts
I stared into my dog’s big, brown eyes. “I’m so sorry,” I said, fighting back tears. And then I threw her off a cliff. Read more >>
England, Mike
If only I’d had the Ruffwear Beacon years ago, when my old dog Bear went deaf—it would’ve saved me countless hours trying to locate his jet-black body when he’d wander off at night. Read more >>
England, Mike
Every Montana dog owner gets a little anxious during hunting season, and for good reason—there are definitely a few dumbasses roaming the woods, loaded guns in hand. Read more >>
Bilverstone, Bill
Aarrrooooo… Aarrrooooo…
Emily Harris
With my two dogs—Mr. Magoo, an American bulldog, and Molly, a mastiff/Catahoula mix—in the back of my hatchback, I pulled into the Dudley Creek trailhead in Gallatin Canyon. Not quite a mile down the trail, Molly wandered off in the underbrush and I had Mr. Read more >>
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