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film, Outside Bozeman, review, Montana, Crazies
Drew Hulse
Reviewing Montana's latest backcountry-survival film. 
"An Early Riser" by Mary Maxam
Sid Gustafson
Public-Lands Heist, Public-Lands Access
Unknown Agitator
This folk rhyme was written in 17th-century England by an unknown agitator; in light of recent efforts to privatize wildlife and our priceless public landscapes, its message rings just as true today. —THE EDITORS Read more >>
Snow Dance, Bozeman, Poetry
Knight, Phil
Snow gods forgive meFor I have lustedAfter your supple powdery pillowsKnow that I have partedYour perfect driftsWith skis unwaxedAnd my edges grippeth notFor I have failed to file them.Gods lead me notInto total gearheadedness Read more >>
Montana Haiku
Gustafson, Sid
mountain sheep graze thecold winter grass high aboveour indecency       Read more >>
Winter Poetry, Montana Poetry
Jelinski, Jack
The ancient ritual is unknown to all but a chosen few,the strong, the bold, and the exceedingly bravewho tempt fate upon the frozen wasteswhere death awaitsin a final, terrible, dead-frozen grave.  Read more >>
Kubat, Terry
there once was a cowboy named Stuwho traded his horse (as you do)when the big sky was tamedhe couldn’t be blamedfor riding a red Subaru  Read more >>
Pinet, Carolyn
Fall. Frosts at night.Days, unseasonable warmth suffuses willow,aspens, brush: saffron, ocher, gold.Foothills loom and swarm, scat steams.And in the high school, kids on cellsare joined by tall, black, pungent, furry,wandering a hallway, disoriented, Read more >>
Gustafson, Sid
I pregnacy test1,000 mother cows under a warm, sweet wind.Spilt milk clouds.Green grass in November.Ring-tailed hawks perch over the emptiness on thecottonwoods of Little McGinnis Creek, waiting fordeath that will not come. Read more >>
Illustration by Monte Dolack
Jelinski, Jack
Caddisflies in my ears and up my nose,Caddisflies riding the brim of my hat.Inside my waders and inside my clothes,Trichoptera stuck to my hemostat.  Read more >>
Illustration by Ian Jones
Jelinski, Jack
The essence of springcan be found in giant willowswhose roots seek depthsof sweet-scented earthto siphon water from subterranean streamsquickeningtheir leafy embrace of the moon.  Read more >>
Green, Anita Noelle
Seasons continue to changeBut does she remain the same?Though winter becomes warmerShe finds herself colderThe wind wanders west  Read more >>
"Dark Side" by Kelsey Dzintars
Gustafson, Sid
Olivia hikes by.Some follow, others cry.She lured usUpward, oh so high. Climbing chertShe scales the cirque.Quads afireWe all kick higher.Off the topShe does her hop.A cadenced thing,She floats, she swings.  Read more >>
"Two Ravens" by Zuzana Drobnik
Kubat, Terry
silhouettes of rugged rangedevoid of depth wild with changeblackened ridge in sharp reliefgrand clear dusk, contrast so brief drama framing home’s commutewestward lies my normal routeshadows grow beyond immensemountains meld with sky pretense  Read more >>
Utility Box Wrap, Bozeman
Brayton, Lea
Local artists turn utility into art.
bare trees, plowing
Pogge, Drew
Hours ‘til dawn,coffee’s all gone.It’s snowing and blowingand carryin’ on. Been at it since three,just the night and me.Moving snow into piles,clearing the streets.  Read more >>
ice fishing, Montant, Subaru
Jelinski, Jack
Six lines out at Canyon Ferrywith jumbo perch stacked aroundtwo hot holes like cordwood,while the other four iced-upand got cold at noon maybebecause the fish stopped thinkingthat maggots looked like shrimp,or became afraid to eat the eyeballs Read more >>
Snow Geese, Poetry, Bozeman, Montana
Knight, Phil
Step outsideIt’s still and coldThe mountains shineLike burnished goldAll aroundThe silence ringsYou feel the powerThat wildness bringsThis is the worldAs it was madeThis crystal snowThat virgin gladeHigh overhead Read more >>
Madison River, Brown Trout, Fly fishing
Bussard, Jesse
Dries, nymphs, emergers, attractors, streamers.So many flies to choose from,But only one will spark the fancy of that elusive trout. I tie on my fly of choice,A Kelly Gallup special, brown in color,Affectionately named the Sex Dungeon.  Read more >>
Hollow Top Mark Genito
Templeton, Arthur
      Slate, like faces staring into the suncold from the internalnessof stonelying open and exposedwaiting to be warmed Read more >>
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