Pogge, Drew
I usually hate getting new rock shoes—a fact evidenced by the duct-taped, resoled, skunky derelicts that I used before the Scarpa Force. New kicks are painful, it takes a while to trust them, and I always feel like I’m abandoning a friend. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
The Metolius Iron Hand Glove is now a permanent addition to my climbing rack. The thick leather palm keeps your hands ropeburn- and dirt-free, while the 3/4-finger length provides critical dexterity when threading the GriGri or cracking open the requisite belay brew. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Like it or not, micro-cams are inherently unsettling. Trusting something marble-sized to stop thousands of pounds of force takes some pretty big marbles of your own, so when you’re up above that 1/2-inch placement, you want the absolute best plugged into the rock. Read more >>
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