sunglasses, gear
David Tucker
The next step in Smith’s interchangeable-lenses progression is the Caravan MAG, a medium-co Read more >>
socks, gear, hiking
David Tucker
Socks are a passion of mine. When I get a pair I like, I obsess. If the model is discontinued or updated, I panic. Read more >>
apparel, shorts
Travis Wilson
Lightweight yet durable, Sitka’s
pants, outerwear, Mountain Equipment
Chris McCarthy
I needed some light pants for going off-trail in heavy brush, looking for turkeys and shed antlers in the spring, and scouting for deer and elk in the summer. Read more >>
hoody, sweatshirt, Voormi
Simon Peterson
It only took one outing for the Voormi River Run Hoodie to vault to number one in my base-layer hierarchy—wh Read more >>
shirt jacket, recycled
Simon Peterson
Made from 100% recycled material (60% cotton, 40% polyester) that has a great feel against the skin, the Mason Shirt Jacket Read more >>
cold-weather onesie, Selk'bag LIte 6G, sleeping bag
Annie Linderson
Whether it’s post-supper wood-chopping or heeding the call of nature at 3am, frigid high-alpine air can take all the fun out of a Forest Service cabin. Read more >>
hunting jacket, Orvis Pro LT Hunting Pullover
Chris McCarthy
Orvis’s Pro LT Hunting Pullover
ski jacket, Dakine Gearheart
David Tucker
Storm skiing requires durability, function, and comfort, and Dakine’s Gearheart delivers all three. Read more >>
Orvis, shirt, button-up, flannel
Chris McCarthy
In the sea of flannel, it’s hard to differentiate one shirt from another. Why not choose one that’s trying to make a difference? Read more >>
Patagonia Macro Puff, jacket, coat
David Tucker
After last February’s record-low temps, it was clear I needed a warmer winter coat. Read more >>
Swisswool Piz Boval, jacket, coat
Mike England
Is it possible to find a high-quality, environmentally responsible touring coat without breaking the bank? Ortovox says so, and their Read more >>
Review: Beyond K4-Ventum Ultralight Pants and Shorts
Jurgen Haenke
Moving to Montana from a big city was a drastic change for me. All my city clothes felt uncomfortable, heavy, and inefficient when adventuring in the outdoors. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Airfoil
David Tucker
For years, I’ve done all my trail running in one pair of Nike soccer shorts. High time for an upgrade. Read more >>
Sherpa Asaar 2.5 Review
Chris McCarthy
Come spring, high-performance rain gear is a must. Read more >>
Review: Ridge Merino Aspect
David Tucker
Finally, a baselayer brand has figured it out: no interior tags on skin-tight clothing. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Prologue Refuge
Chris McCarthy
The Prologue Refuge from Outdoor Research was created with Bozeman in Read more >>
Review: Kavu Inland
Ian Roderer
This winter, when you find yourself reaching for an extra layer, reach for Kavu’s Inland jacket. Read more >>
Review: Kavu Ken Tucky
Ian Roderer
As far as styles go, the Kavu Ken Tucky falls squarely in the rugged category, but combines enough of th Read more >>
Salomon, Bonatti WP
Chris McCarthy
 Salomon’s Bonatti WP isn’t the perfe
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