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From historic main streets to thriving cities and laid-back ski towns, southwest Montana has a lot to offer within its local communities.

Cooke City Backcountry Skiing, Skiing Injury, Montana
Natalie Van Dusen
Dislocation in the Cooke City backcountry.
visit Billings, Outside Bozeman
the editors
Visit Billings this summer. 
Bozeman Code, know the code, how to live in bozeman, bozeman rules
Drew Pogge
Rules to live by. Hey you! Howdy. Welcome to town. Obviously if you’re here, you know that Bozeman’s a pretty special place. We want to keep it that way, so there are a few things you should know about living here so it—and we—will survive. Read more >>
Helena Mountain Biking
Pogge, Drew
A weekend of outdoor adventure in Helena
Skidoo Bay
Tia Troy
Three days in western Montana. 
Stein, Becky
 Fatigued muscles from too many turns at Bridger Bowl? Have the doldrums from short cold days? How about relaxing, rejuvenating, and warming in up in one of Montana’s hot springs? Read more >>
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