The Fine Art of Blending In

The Fine Art of Blending In

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Reuss, Dave

Wanna give fly fishing a try without spending hundreds on gear (and potentially finding out it’s not the sport for you)? The folks over at Phasmid Rentals can arrange just about anything for you. Aptly named after organisms that blend in perfectly with their surroundings, they can supply you with everything you need to blend in as a genuine fly fisherman. They rent out four-wheel-drive rigs—cavernous Suburbans or ever-ubiquitous Outbacks—loaded to the brim with waders, rods, reels, and flies, and then point you toward a premier stretch of water. Need a little more? They’ll hook you up with tents, sleeping bags, the area’s best fishing guides—even a gourmet chef to cater your meals when you get off the river. Just twenty minutes after my first practice cast under the tutelage of Peter Howell, I managed to catch a feisty 12-inch rainbow. Despite being a bumbling neophyte with absolutely no fishing experience, my friend just downriver swore I looked exactly like a real fly fisherman. Check out for more info on pricing and options.

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