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Outside Bozeman
Number of buffalo in U.S. before 19th century western expansion: 50-60 million
Number of buffalo in U.S. at end of 19th century: 23
Number of buffalo in Yellowstone herd today: about 3,000

Size of Church Universal and Triumphant’s Royal Teton Ranch, on north side of YNP, in acres: 12,000
Price paid to Malcolm Forbes in 1981 for ranch: $7.7 million
Amount received from U.S. government for conservation easement on the land: $13 million

Size of Blixseth’s proposed house in Yellowstone Club, in square feet: 53,000
Size of the White House, in square feet: 55,000
Size of the average Bed, Bath & Beyond, in square feet: 20,000 to 50,000
Number of U.S. “average-sized” new houses that could fit in Blixseth’s house: 21.77

Number of active farmers in Congress: 4
Number who are Democrats: 3
Different types of organic product grown on Senator Jon Tester’s farm: 7

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