winter, cold weather tips, night fire
Corey Hockett
Tips on winter survival.By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.—Benjamin Franklin Read more >>
Review: Uncharted Supply Co. Zeus
David Tucker
For all the batteries that need charging. 
Saxifrage salad, foraging, Bozeman,
Thomas J. Elpel
Foraging with a purpose. 
Bear Spray Training, Tactic, Bozeman
Joe Dwyer
Guns vs. bear spray. 
ExtremeStart Pine Mountain
England, Mike
Yes, we know, every Bozemaniac worth his or her salt should be able to start a fire with a match—and ladies, beware the bumbling bloke who can’t—but sometimes you want a big flame right away, so you can move on to more important things, like eating and drinking. Read more >>
Survival skills, Montana
the editors
Tips for backcountry emergencies.
Help Yourself: A Backcountry Survival Guide Review
England, Mike
The best defense, as the old adage goes, is a good offense. Read more >>
Sol Escape Bivvy Review
Mike England
When you’re deep in the backcountry chasing game, the possibility of an unexpected bivouac is ever-present. Maybe you followed a big bull all day, only to find yourself 10 miles from camp at dusk. Or maybe a lightning storm rolled in and you’ve holed up in a cave for safety. Read more >>
Jerry Kessler
A high-alpine misadventure.
100 Deadly Skills
England, Mike
To take your self-defense and survival skills to the next level, grab a copy of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation (Touchstone, $18). Read more >>
Combatives, Fortress Personal Defense Solutions
John Betancourt
Benefits of self-protection training.
survival in Montana, wilderness, outside bozeman
the editors
Are you ready for the worst?“It is always more sensible to keep yourself warm rather than trying to thaw yourself out later.”—Mors Kochanski, Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook Read more >>
whitewater in montana, training on rapids, outside bozeman
Tucker, David
Outdoor-skill development for the season. 
Prepare for anything, wilderness, survival in Montana, Outside Bozeman
England, Mike
Though big and heavy, Tim MacWelch’s Prepare for Anything (WeldonOwen, $27) is one of the best items you could stuff Read more >>
survival in Montana, wilderness, outside bozeman, medical kits
England, Mike
To assemble a simple yet effective safety kit for solo outings, pick up this trio from American Medical Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
Backcountry skiing is the best way to sample endless untracked powder—but when things get hairy, you can’t look to a ski patroller for help. People get hurt, break equipment, or get hypothermia, and without the right gear, the situation can escalate quickly. Read more >>
England, Mike
Two subjects of rightful popularity—survival and the military—come together in SAS Mountain & Arctic Survival (Skyhorse Publishing, $15) by former British Special Air Service soldier Barry Davies. Read more >>
England, Mike
If you tend to walk around with your face buried in your cell phone, oblivious to the world around you, then The Tao of Survival (Gibbs Smith, $19) is not for you. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Want to improve your primitive skills? Look no further. Here are a few local schools that can help you survive when the economy finally collapses for good. Read more >>
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