First Aid Courses & Survival Schools

Looking for local first-aid courses? Need to refresh your EMT or Wilderness First Responder? Check out these organizations for courses, schools, and seminars around Bozeman.

First Aid Courses


Crossing Latitudes


Wilderness Medicine Institute

Wilderness First Aid
Wilderness First Responder Recertification

Inter Mountain Medical Educators Sports Cove Jolt CPR
Montana Outdoor Experience Rocky Mountain Response Yellowstone Association Institute 
American Medical Response Hot Dog Safety Services  Bozeman Deaconess
 Montana State University   Montana Red Cross 

 Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Looking for local survival courses? Want to brush up on bushcraft? Check out these wilderness-skills courses around Bozeman.

Survivial Schools & Instructors


 The Peak Butte

PAST Skills Wilderness School

Wilderness Arts Institute
Montana Outdoor Experience  A Naturalist's World  Rocky Mountain Response
Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School (OWLS)   Green University 

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