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Mike England
If Yellowstone Park is America’s Serengeti, as it is often called, then the Absaroka Mountains are Montana’s Alps. Read more >>
Patrick Wherritt, Jr.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was, languidly enjoying coffee at 10am after spending the night at a designated backcountry campsite on Slough Creek, when the backpackers who reserved the site for that evening began loitering at the edge of it, waiting for me to pack up and leave. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
There's a reason tourists arrive in droves come summer: to bug you. Their unscuffed hiking boots mock your hard-won, raggedy Chacos; their souvenir-shop tees proclaim showy affection for the state you love best. Read more >>
Kira Stoops
Getting hitched under the Big Sky.
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