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Breaking down southwest Montana's ski trails.
Get out. Explore. Take photos. Maybe win some stuff. Definitely have fun.  Read more >>
Day Hikes of Yellowstone National Park, Hike734
England, Mike
Given the mountains all around Bozeman, how often do you make the drive to Yellowstone for a day-hike? Read more >>
Jefferson River Canoe Map
England, Mike
Instrumental to a successful outing on the Jefferson—be it a lazy, half-day float or an overnight adventure—are Thomas Elpel’s new Jefferson River Canoe Trail maps. Read more >>
Gravelly Range, Montana
Tucker, David
Beartooth's latest map.
England, Mike
Smartphone apps and GPS devices may be all the rage, but nothing will ever replace the classic topographic map. It doesn’t need batteries or cell service, requires no updates (mountains don’t move much), is inexpensive and replaceable, and can be opened wide for a bird’s-eye view of the terrain. Read more >>
Maggie Slepian
Before a hunting excursion, mountaineering expedition, or even a simple road trip, there’s a certain romance in spreading out a map and plotting your journey. Read more >>
England, Mike
Google Earth is awesome, no doubt, and that fancy GPS of yours is not to be scoffed at—but there’s nothing quite like unfurling a map on the kitchen table and letting a world of adventure appear before you. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Think you know your way around Bozeman? Two dollars says you don’t. The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) just released its Bozeman Trail Map, showcasing its Main Street to the Mountains program and over 20 years of hard work. Read more >>
Mike England
If you’re looking to get out in the Gallatin National Forest but don’t want to pack around a stack of USGS topo maps, keep in mind that modern graphics programs and desktop publishing have allowed some nice alternatives in recent years. Read more >>
Local Cartographers
Reuss, Dave
It’s hard to get excited about pieces of paper, but Beartooth Publishing has printed a few new maps that are nothing short of badass. Its extensive Outdoor Recreation maps cover a huge portion of the Rockies, including Yellowstone, Wyoming, and Idaho. Read more >>
Kurowski, Becky
First Ascent Press’s latest offering from the vertical world is a detailed topographic map of Granite Peak with numerous route descriptions. Read more >>
England, Mike
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