Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area

Beehive Basin Trail, Spanish Peaks, Lee Metcalf Wilderness
Robert Stone
Hiking the Beehive Basin trail. 
Spanish Peaks, Montana Trail Running
Adam Parkison
A notable Spanish Peaks traverse.
Spanish Peaks, Avalanche, Beehive Basin
Kala Jauquet
A close call in the Spanish Peaks. 
Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Snowshoeing, Winter
Adam Parkison
Improvising in the wilderness. 
Ramona Lake, Madison Range, Lee Metcalf Wilderness
Hester, Charley
Fishing Ramona Lake. 
Photo by Craig Hergert
Reuss, Dave
Class IV means churning rapids, dangerous rocks, and high waves. Anything less than powerful and precise maneuvers means swimming—or worse. And “Wilderness” means no cell phone service, no roads, and no real easy way to fix a disaster. Read more >>
Thomas Turiano
With its blocky shape, truncated summit, and unique color, Sphinx Mountain has drawn more people climbers to its summit than any other major peak in the Madison Range. Read more >>
Greg Smith
“Where ya headed?” I asked. He turned, occupied with the task of saddling his horse, and said simply, “up-valley.” “Well,” I said, “have a good ride.” Read more >>
Burnside, Zachary
I walk on concrete wherever I go. The windows around me reflect pictures of the sky. I travel on trains through the tunnels, no wind in my hair. Then feel the pulse of swift life with fast steps. The people are oddly quiet as paper flies by on the breeze. Read more >>
Roots, Alex
Gallatin Peak, at 11,015 feet, is the tallest of the Spanish Peaks south of Bozeman. Read more >>
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