On the east side of Bridger Canyon, along the spine of the Bangtail Mountains, the Bangtail Divide Trail is a must for mountain bikers, but hikers and runners can enjoy the trail, too. This predominately singletrack trail has a long and steady uphill climb that is rewarded with a long undulating... Read more >>
Bear Canyon is a stream-fed canyon that drains the area between Mount Ellis and Chestnut Mountain southeast of Bozeman. The Bear Canyon trail begins gradually as it follows Bear Creek up the lush, shady canyon and eventually to Bear Lakes. Read more >>
Bear Trap Canyon is a spectacular drainage encompassing 6,000 acres in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness within the Madison Range. The Madison River, its headwaters in Yellowstone National Park, rages through the remote, roadless canyon for 9 miles, from Ennis Lake to the Madison River Bridge. Read more >>
The picturesque Beehive Basin trail near Big Sky sits in a glacial cirque surrounded by mountains in the Spanish Peaks area. At 9,200 feet, the trailhead leads you into alpine meadows, wildflowers, creeks, and tall forest. Read more >>
Blackmore Lake Trail has many route options, but the hike begins near the northwest edge of Hyalite Reservoir. A dense pine forest and meadow surround this shallow lake, which lays beneath Mount Blackmore and Elephant Mountain. Read more >>
Bozeman Creek Trail (aka, Sourdough) is an old logging road that parallels Bozeman Creek. The trail's proximity to town and easy grade make this a popular hiking, biking, and cross-country-skiing route. As an out-and-back, distance is up to you. Read more >>
This trail climbs 2,200 feet in 4.6 miles, past the spectacular Frog Rock pinnacles, to the ridge of Chestnut Mountain. After about a mile, a short spur trail traverses west, providing climbing access and a spectacular hike or bike ride to the base of Frog Rock. Read more >>
The Corbly Gulch trail is a popular mountain-biking trail on the west side of the Bridger Range in Gallatin National Forest with spectacular views of the Gallatin Valley. The trail was rerouted in 2015 and now has a wider, more comfortable single-track that travels past forests, meadows, and creek... Read more >>
Drinking Horse Mountain is the prominent hill across from the popular “M” trail at the mouth of Bridger Canyon. The trail meanders along the Fish Technology Center to a bridge over Bridger Creek, followed by the official trail arch. Read more >>
Located south of Bozeman past Hyalite Reservoir, Emerald Lake Trail follows the cascading East Fork of Hyalite Creek. The wooded trail has a mix of lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, and subalpine fir leading to Emerald Lake and Heather Lake. Read more >>
Emigrant Peak is a formidable mountain in the Absaroka Range, towering over Paradise Valley and the town of Emigrant. The ascent is relentless from the start—this is a trail for fit hikers only. Read more >>
Fairy Lake is a gorgeous alpine lake in a forested bowl at the base of Sacagawea Peak. The trail loops around the perimeter of the lake for an easy 1.2 miles. This is a great place to have a picnic, fish, and swim. Read more >>
With looming cliffs overhead and framed by lodgepole pines and moss-covered boulders, this trail captures all of the area's natural beauty without the elevation gain. Enjoy a long, leisurely, 5.5-mile hike. Read more >>
This hike has two routes. One follows an old double-track logging road, climbing steadily until the very end. The other is a steep singletrack that ties into the logging road about a half-mile below the peak. Read more >>
Grassy Mountain Trail is technically the north trailhead of the Bangtail Divide Trail, which connects to the south trailhead at Stone Creek. The Grassy Mountain trailhead, which sits about 3 miles north of the entrance to Bridger Bowl, starts by crossing a short footbridge over Brackett Creek. Read more >>
While Hardscrabble is not technically identified as a trail, it's still a good hike. The first part of the trail also leads into a variety of other nearby options for recreating. Read more >>
The trail parallels its namesake creek, past waterfalls, pools, and the occasional whitewater. Its most popular turn-around point is where Gallatin National Forest reaches Lee Metcalf, but you can keep hiking. Read more >>
In the Gallatin Range lies a constellation of lakes, and all of their secrets, which can be found by you. Bring a fishing rod. Five of the lakes contain golden or rainbow trout (or both). Enjoy the high-mountain air of a trail that begins above 8,000 feet. Read more >>
This short, heavily-trafficked destination hike in Hyalite leads to the sandstone rock outcropping known as History Rock. Take a casual one-mile jaunt, or make it a day trip and trek through to the South Cottonwood Creek trailhead. Read more >>
Located just south of Bozeman past Hyalite Reservoir, Hyalite Creek Trail is a great place for a scenic hike. With waterfalls scattered throughout a glacial U-shaped canyon, this out-and-back trail is well-maintained for hikers, bikers, and skiers of all abilities. Read more >>
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