East Gallatin

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England, Mike
Two memories often percolate through the stratified bedrock of my accumulated fishing experiences, seeping into consciousness cold and clear like a mountain spring. Read more >>
Photo by Mike Cline
Kesselheim, Alan
A month of Mondays on the East Gallatin. Read more >>
Frost, Mick
On a high bank above the East Gallatin River, my father and I sat on the hood of my beat-up ’64 Pontiac Catalina, sharing a beer. The early-afternoon sunlight filtered through the trees, warming our upturned faces. After the last swig we hopped down and got our fishing gear together. Read more >>
England, Mike
For fly-fishers, spring is a godsend: no more frozen fingers, lethargic fish, or streamside shiver-fits. But before you get all giddy about warm days and feisty, ravenous trout, think about what comes with it: the removal of winter’s cosmetic blanket. Read more >>
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