Hot Springs

Becky Stein
Fatigued muscles from too many turns at Bridger Bowl? Have the doldrums from short cold days? How about relaxing, rejuvenating, and warming in up in one of Montana’s hot springs? Read more >>
Keyes, Fletcher
Developed:Bozeman Hot Springs. 586-6492; bozemanhotspring.comNorris Hot Springs. 685-3303; norrishotsprings.comChico Hot Springs. 333-4933; chicohotsprings.comUndeveloped:Boiling River. Mammoth, YNP Read more >>
Montague, Ada
After a hard day outside, when you feel so sore you can barely move or so cold your toes might snap off, just head to one of our nearby hot springs and melt your discomforts away. Read more >>
England, Mike
Deep in a forested canyon, on the bank of a gurgling stream, a ceaseless flow of mineral water gushes up from the bowels of the earth, into a deep, narrow pool lined with rocks and downed timber. Mingling with the icy stream, the water in the pool is a warm, inviting 105 degrees. Read more >>
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