Tobacco Roots

Hollowtop Ski Outside Bozeman Tobacco Roots
Mike England
Heeding the call at Hollowtop Mountain.
Bell Lake Yurt Haute Route, Tobacco Roots Skiing
Simon Peterson
A yurt-opian Tobacco Root traverse.
Krueger, Ryan
The full moon arched above us in the cold night sky, brightening the surrounding hillsides. As we peered into the shelter, shadows danced through the windows and lively chatter leaked out into the frozen landscape beyond the fabric walls of the yurt.  Read more >>
Smith, Marjorie
For the past several years, my mother and I have been seeking out new places and spectacular Montana views that even an 89-year-old with limited mobility can enjoy, thanks to my trusty Subaru. Recently, our friend Chuck organized a “codger tour” for us to a corner of Madison County. Read more >>
Kent Orms
Comfy digs and steep lines at the Bell Lake Yurt. Read more >>
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