Madison Range

The Madison range encompasses the westernmost part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Quake Lake, which was created by an earthquake and landslide that created a dam on the Madison River, is in this mountain range. 

Outside Bozeman, Hilgard, Madison Range, peaks
Thomas Turiano
Climbing the Madison Range's highest peak. 
winter, history, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Pogge, Drew
Re-visiting history above Quake Lake.
Goodman, Cameron
Winter’s just around the corner, and it’s a given that dedicated skiers in southwest Montana will hunt down a few turns before the season gets started. Read more >>
Turiano, Thomas
With its blocky shape, truncated summit, and unique color, Sphinx Mountain has drawn more people climbers to its summit than any other major peak in the Madison Range. Read more >>
Danhof, Ken
Twenty-eight road miles (22 miles as a GPS-equipped crow would fly) southwest of the Bozeman city limits, one arrives at the Spanish Creek Guard Station, a major trailhead for the Spanish Peaks Unit of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. Read more >>
Roots, Alex
Gallatin Peak, at 11,015 feet, is the tallest of the Spanish Peaks south of Bozeman. Read more >>
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