Canyon Ferry Lake

Canyon Ferry, Bird Hunting, Townsend, Montana
the editors
Hunting huns and pheasant at Canyon Ferry.  
Canyon Ferry, Ice Skating
Mike England
Traversing terra incognita on skates. 
Ice-boating, Canyon Ferry
Drews, Debbie
Winter on the Missouri.
Photo courtesy City of Three Forks
Dehmer, Kurt
Warm-water fisheries in SW MT.
lake fishing in Montana, fly fishing, Hebgen Lake, lakes to fish
Ward, Mark
What lakes to fish near Bozeman
Nickell, Joe
Nobody moves to southwest Montana looking for balmy beaches. The choice to live here is a choice to embrace the long winters that come with the territory. June snowstorms aren’t out of the question, nor is ice-fishing in November. Read more >>
fishing, Hebgen, winter
Jimmy Lewis
The true force behind ice fishing is that it is better than no fishing at all. –Jim Harrison, “Ice Fishing, the Moronic Sport” Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Blasting across the frozen wasteland of Canyon Ferry Lake, the skinny fiberglass frame of the ice boat rattles like an unbalanced washing machine. Hardened-steel runners spit ice chips at me, the tiny bullets bouncing off the face shield of my helmet. Read more >>
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